Since the rise of social networks began, Twitter has been growing in the taste and preference of users. And today it is used in a massive way to communicate events and happenings that occur throughout the world. And although you sure use it, you do not know some of its configurations, so we will show you how to change the default language of Twitter.

The social network Twitter allows you among many things, stay connected in real time and you can know or locate the location of a user through his tweet. But maybe you thought that it was not possible to change the language you are using at the moment. A very useful action if you are learning a different language and want to use this platform to practice.

In this article, you will learn how it is possible to change the default language of Twitter on all devices where the platform is used. Given that the application interface is displayed in the language of the country which you choose when setting it up. And you will see that it is very simple to perform this operation, but for this you must follow the instructions that we offer you below.

From what devices can you configure the language in which Twitter appears?

Twitter is a multiplatform application, therefore it can be used from any device. And therefore you can change any aspect of its configuration from the PC or mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

On your pc

For change Twitter language from PC it is necessary that you enter the platform from the browser and write this address Then, you must log in by entering the data requested by the platform. Now, go to the upper right side of the screen and there you will locate your profile image, click to show a menu of options.

The next step is to select the ‘Settings and privacy’ option. Now find and select the option ‘Languages’ and a menu with all the available languages ​​will be displayed. Find and choose the one of your preference, once this step is completed click on the option ‘Save changes’. And in this way you will changed twitter language easily from your pc.

With your Android phone

On devices that run on the Android operating system, it is very easy to change the language settings on Twitter. To start you must start your Twitter session from your mobile device.

Once you enter your account, click on the ‘Profile and settings’ option, the next step will be to click on the ‘Accounts’ tab. Then click on the ‘Language’ option, this action will display a list with all available languages, select the language of your preference and then click on the ‘Save changes’ button.

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Using your iPhone

On iPhone devices it is very simple too change Twitter language settings. The first thing we are going to do is enter the phone settings. From there we will look for the Twitter App, now we will enter the application settings and select the option ‘Preferred language’.

We can see in this new window the language options offered by the App, we only have to choose the language of our preference and voila, the change will be made automatically.

What are the steps to set the language of Twitter?

For change both display language settings your account, as well as the content language settings. It is necessary that you follow these instructions according to the device you use, be it PC, Android or iOS.

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Yes you enter Twitter from a personal computer You must do the following, go and click on the icon with three horizontal dots. Then you must choose in the menu that will be displayed the option ‘Settings and privacy’. Now you must find and select the tab ‘Accessibility visualization and languages’ then click on the option ‘Languages’.

The last step will be to click under ‘Display Language’ and now you must choose the language you want now have your buttons, headlines, etc.. If you are asked for any other information such as the password to be able to continue with the change, enter it. Then you just have to click on the ‘Save’ option.

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In the event that enter Twitter from an Android device You must follow these steps, first enter the configuration of your mobile. Then you must click on the option ‘System’ or, failing that, ‘Personal’. Now you will select the option ‘Login & language’ then click on the option ‘Languages’, in the next window you will click on the option ‘Add language’.

The next step is to choose the language that you will use from now on and then you must place it at the top of the list, for this you must drag it. To end this procedure you must restart the Twitter app.

Yes now you use Twitter from an iOS deviceYou must proceed as follows, on your mobile go to the settings and select the ‘General’ option. Then you must click on ‘Language & Region’ and select ‘iPhone Language’. Choose the language and once this step is completed, enter the phone settings again.

In this section you must press the Twitter App and locate the option ‘Preferred language’ below it, select the option ‘Language’. And to finish you must choose the language you want to use from now on on the Twitter social network.

Of your content

To change the content language settings of your Twitter account and this section includes trends, tweets and people, you must do the following: Of course, depending on the device you use, in the case of using Twitter on PC go to the three-point icon. Clicking on it will display a menu and select the option ‘Settings and privacy’.

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You will be taken to a window where you must click on the ‘Accessibility, display and languages’ tab. Then choose ‘Language’, now you can click on the options’ Languages ​​you may know ‘or on’Select additional languages’. Once you choose your language you must click on the ‘Save’ option and that’s it.

If you wish set the content language on an Android mobile device or iOS You must enter the ‘Navigation menu’. Then click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option, now you must select the ‘Content preferences’ option. The next step is to click on the ‘Recommendations’ option and then on ‘Languages’ to finish you must choose the language of your preference.

How can you translate from one language to another with easy steps on Twitter?

The Twitter platform allows us to use different tools or web pages that are very useful and simple to use. to translate from one language to another.

Normally when you receive a tweet that is written in another language, an option is included that will allow you to carry out the translation. In this case you can look for the button Translate Tweet which is located below the text.

You can see the link which you must select and then click on the tweet so that it expands and below the original message you will have a translation of the Tweet. It is very simple how to activate the two-step verification of Twitter.