Valheim, the great adventure of Vikings and survival, does not stop renewing its content. Now he does it with Home & Heart, an expansion mainly geared towards the home, gathering materials and making objects.

One of the main novelties is the option of being able to build a cartographic table. What is it for? We will tell you about it in the following guide.

The cartographic table in Valheim

As you know, one of the most attractive aspects of Valheim is exploring new territory and unlocking as much map as possible. This is quite a feat, as it is immense and full of items that will kill you at any moment, from a tree to killer mosquitoes. However, the most adventurous will seek to know the world and it has more than one surprise, we guarantee it.

What the cartographic table allows is share your map with other players. And not only that, you can also pass the important bookmarks to the rest. This is especially important when playing community games, as the Valheim map is procedurally generated. In addition, the company experience improves substantially.

How to create the cartographic table in Valheim

To create we need the Hammer; with it we can access the manufacturing menu. To carry it out we will need a series of materials that are the following:




fine wood


Chopping down birch and oak trees with the ax

bone fragments


In the Black Forest we can find them if we defeat skeletons, but also near the crypts and on the ground.



First you have to build the Forge and then combine copper and tin found in nature. You need a sturdy pickaxe to get them.

pieces of leather


Hunting wild boars we can. They are found in various biomes, but abound in the Plains.



They are found in shrubs by nature. In Plains they abound.

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In this way we can already have our table and share the map that we unlock with our fellow Vikings.

Valheim will adjust some of his weapons and present a new video: you will no longer be able to shoot the bow so fast, but be careful with the ax