How to avoid reducing the quality of photos on Facebook

How to avoid reducing the quality of photos on Facebook

One of the most annoying things in social networks and messaging applications is that they modify our content without prior notice. That is what happens when we share images with our contacts or upload them to social networks. The document is the same yes, but with less quality.

In the case of a joke, a meme or a GIF, we will not care, but if we have taken the picture of the year in our profile and we want all the nuances to be appreciated, we have to get it uploaded in high resolution. Social networks tend to compress the multimedia files that we upload to save time, both in uploading the file and in playback on the mobile phones of your Facebook friends, and also save storage space on the servers. As always, it’s about finding the perfect balance.

How to get the most out of your photos

When we upload a photograph to Facebook, before configuring it to be in high definition we can also edit it and improve the bottom line. In this way, if what we want is to carry out a basic edition, when we want to crop an image, rotate it, or even increase or reduce the light or brightness, we do not need to open an application or retouching program. Facebook allows to do basic edits before uploading each image.

In the desktop version

If we upload the image from the desktop version in the web browser we will see the button Edit in the upper left corner of the image in the publish window. We will click there and a new window will open. In the left side menu we will see the editing options that the social network offers us, there are not as many options as when we do it from the mobile application:

  • Trim: we will choose the exact dimensions by moving the markers that have appeared in each corner of the image.
  • Rotate: each time we press this button, it will be rotated 90º to the left.
  • Label: This option refers to the possibility of adding the profile links of your Facebook friends, generally when you want them to add it to their own biography because they appear in the document or you think they might like it.
  • Alternative text: something common in social networks that allows to improve identification and positioning, Facebook can offer you suggestions, but you can also describe the content of the file in this section.

In the mobile app

The official mobile application of the social network allows us a greater degree of customization and editing of the multimedia files that we upload. Once the photo has been added, and before uploading it, we will click on the button Edit in the upper left corner, and we will see all the improvement options that we have, following the order from left to right and from top to bottom in the screen menu:

  • Label: As we have said above, we will indicate profiles of the friends we want.
  • Trim: in this case this option, in addition to cropping, allows you to rotate it or apply predetermined dimensions to it.
  • Stickers: in the same way as in Instagram stories you can add stickers, GIFs and emoticons.
  • Text: to write what you want in the post.
  • He drew: to draw with your finger in different colors and textures.
  • Effects edit: add filters and effects.
  • Light: Corrects the brightness.
  • Keep: if you like the final result you can download the file on the reel.
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Publish in original quality from the computer

The way of working with the publication of images and videos on Facebook varies depending on whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile device. In the first case, the multimedia files are published in the original resolution that they have been uploaded, in the second we will need to configure the quality of the multimedia files that we publish.


What Facebook recommends when we upload multimedia files from the computer is that these have the proper dimensions and color specifications. Depending on the type of image that we are going to upload, we will need different sizes:

  • Profile photo: ideally, it should be square, otherwise we will have to cut it out at the time of publication.
  • Cover photo: as it is a rectangular image, the dimensions need to be, or maintain the proportion, of: 851 x 315 pixels.
  • Standard photos: the social network indicates that the ideal, for them to be displayed in their best quality, is that they have approximately 2048 pixels wide.

Another recommended aspect is that the files are saved with a profile of sRGB color.


The videos that we upload from the computer’s web browser do so in HD quality directly. As long as the video has been recorded in this quality, obviously.

Regardless of the mode that we have activated on the quality of the videos that are uploaded to the platform, it is likely that at the beginning we will see the video in a resolution noticeably lower on uploadThis is because the content is being processed by the social network and it will still take a few minutes to display the video in standard or HD format.

Avoid quality reduction from mobile

When we publish content from our smartphones or tablets using the official Facebook application we need set the quality of images and videos Contrary to what happens in the desktop version, they are automatically uploaded in their original format. This is because in this way we can save time and data consumption if we are connected to the mobile data of our operator.

Likewise, in the event that you have unlimited data or a sufficiently large bonus and want to share your files on Facebook in HD resolution this is what we have to do to configure the application:

  • We open the app official Facebook on Android or iOS.
  • Click on the icon three horizontal stripes (menu) in the lower right corner.
  • We deploy Settings and privacy.
  • Click on the button Setting again.
  • We slide all the way down and into the last section Multimedia content and contacts we will choose Video and photos.
  • In the last section Video and Photo Settings we will activate or deactivate the activation boxes of Upload HD Videos and Upload HD Photos according to what we need.

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