At present, there are various needs that demand that we share the screens of our iPhone. Either for something work or to show something when interacting with another person, screen sharing is becoming common.

Therefore, keeping some personal details in reserve is important when performing this action. For instance, the notifications.

FaceTime and third-party apps begin to allow the user to share their screen.

Keep your notifications private by sharing your screen

If you want to keep the privacy of your notifications when sharing the screen with iOS 15 this will be possible.

The functions that Apple announced for the next update of iOS and iPadOS are not enough, since in the last Beta of iOS 15 it has been discovered a new option to manage the appearance of notifications when sharing screen.

Now the user can disable the arrival of notifications on the screen while sharing. This function is activated automatically and it is managed within the notification settings in the iPhone or iPad settings.

To use this new function it is necessary to have the version installed IOS 15 or iPadOS 15 Beta 3 and follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Enter the Notifications section.
  • Enter Screen Sharing and uncheck the box.

Until now, notifications should be disabled and you can share your device’s screen without fear. Upon completion of the task, they return to their normal state and start to appear again.

iOS 15
iOS 15 allows you to disable notifications when sharing the screen.

iOS 15 is coming this fall for free to all users with a compatible device. If you want to try this and other novelties of iOS 15 you can try the third beta for developers that is already available publicly and these are the novelties that it has.