Sony Vegas is one of the best editing software, due to its large number of tools and its constant updates. Due to the latter, some users may become overwhelmed and stop using the program. With that in mind and so that it does not happen to you, today you will learn how to add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas.

Nowadays with the number of applications that are handled, it is not uncommon for you to get lost with some, and stop using it for the simple fact that an update put too much content. For this reason, it is the tutorial for today, so that you learn little by little, to handle the Sony Vegas tools (you can download this program from its official website).

Add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas

Sony vegas comes with a default media generator in its latest versions, which is located above the timeline and will allow you to place texts, put subtitles to a video, add or put credits to a video, among other things.

To be able to add these texts you have to do the following: go to the tab called “media generator”, here you will see a huge amount of titles and texts which you can add with their respective effects such as: bounce, float, flips. Among others.

How to add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas?

When you have chosen the one you like, drag it to the timeline with the mouse and make sure to place it on a new track at the top of the video (this will make the text appear in the minute of the video where you place it).

After this scroll to the icon called “Generated Media”, which is inside the box that was created when you dragged the text to the timeline. Pressing it will open a pop-up window where you can control the effects of the text such as: color, duration, font and size.

Each of them does what its name suggests. Duration allows you to control how long the text will be on the screen. The size and font allow you to change the shape of the text and add bold, italics, among others.

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And finally, there is the color, which allows you to edit the tones of your text. Now that you have read all of the above you know how to add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas. In the next part, you will see how to locate the text and merge it.

Position of text in video and how to blend it

Since you’ve already learned what it takes to add or insert text or captions to a video with Sony Vegas, it’s time to edit it some more. To achieve placing the text in the part of the video you want, you have three options, which are: scaling (determines the variation of the zoom effect), location (with this, users can move the text to any location in the video) and the alignment (let you edit the distance between each letter within the text box).

How to add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas?

With that, you will be able to configure your text, even more, managing to place it in the position that suits you best. Lastly, you have to learn to adjust the fade-in and fade-out.

This is basically the fading of a text in the video (which can be configured at different levels). The option is located in the timeline, above the cursor text that is used to make adjustments.

And voila, you can say that you know how to add or insert text or titles to a video with Sony Vegas. Now go to your program and start adding texts and titles to your videos to make them look more professional. Also, keep looking for more tutorials so you can increase your knowledge and can start calling yourself a professional soon. It is recommended that you first look for things like removing or deleting the audio master track, or how to put a border to a video, as these are easy to do and learn functions that will help you become familiar with the buttons.