Although a few months ago it also landed on Vodafone TV, Disney + arrived in Spain in March of last year with Movistar as a preferred partner. That meant two things: that the operator’s customers could access the streaming service directly from the Movistar + deco and that many Fusion rates had it included for free.

Currently, and despite having added the contents of Star, these codes continue to be maintained. Next, we tell you how activate Disney + account to access from anywhere to more than 1,000 movies, series, originals and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

What Fusion rates include Disney +

First of all, we are going to explain which customers have free access to the Disney + content catalog included. They are all those who have contracted the Fusion packages with fictional content, that is, the following rates:

  • Fusion Total Plus, Fusion Total Plus X2 and Fusion Total Plus X4.

  • Merger Total Plus 4lines, Merger Total Plus 4lines X2 and Merger Total Plus 4lines X4.

  • Total Merger, X2 Total Merger and X4 Total Merger.

  • Fusion Selection Plus Fiction and Fusion Selection Plus Fiction X4.

  • Fusion Selection with Fiction, Fusion Selection with Fiction X2 and Fusion Selection with Fiction X4.

  • Fusion + Total Soccer.

  • Fusion + Total Fiction.

  • Fusion + Total Leisure.

  • Fusion + Premium, Fusion + Premium Extra and Fusion + Premium Total.

  • Fusion + 4 Premium, Fusion + 4 Premium Extra and Fusion + 4 Premium Total.

Vodafone and Movistar adjust their rates to integrate Disney +: comparison of prices and conditions

All customers who have contracted a Merger that does not include Disney + can purchase the “Cinema with Disney +” package, which, in addition to movie channels and their on-demand content, includes access to Disney +. The price of this package is 15 euros per month, that is, 5 euros more than what the Cinema package costs (10 euros per month).

How to activate your Disney + account

Disney Plus 04

Whether you have Disney + included in your Fusion rate or if you have contracted the “Cinema with Disney + package, to enjoy its contents, it is necessary activate your subscription on Disney +. Once activated, you will be able to view the contents with your Disney + account not only on Movistar +, but also on Smart TV, web, consoles, Apple TV, Chromecast, mobile phones and tablets. And simultaneously on four devices.

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To activate the account, you have several options: from the private area of ​​the Movistar website, from the Mi Movistar app or from the Movistar + UHD download. In the first and second cases, just access the Disney + activation link and register by creating your account with an email and password.

If you prefer to do it through the Movistar + UHD decoder, follow the next steps:

  • At Movistar + main menuLook for the Disney + banner, the Disney + section of the menu or any Disney + content through the Movistar + search engine or on the Disney + content streets for Movies, Series, Documentaries and Children.

  • Press OK on the Movistar + remote control and it will appear a unique BIDI code associated with your rate or package.

Activate Disney
  • Capture the code with the mobile camera or with the application qr reading that you have installed on the phone.

  • That BIDI will take you to a personalized page on where you can activate your Disney + subscription by creating a Disney + account associated with your Merger. The BIDI and the associated code are for the exclusive and unique use of each client who owns a Disney + rate or package, so do not share it because it can be redeemed once.

Once you have created the Disney + account, to enjoy the content, simply enter Disney + through the UHD Movistar + decoder or download the Disney + app on any of the supported devices, and log in with your Disney + email and password.