When we talk about mobiles with a lot of storage we do it with figures of 128GB, 256GB, and rarely 512GB. Over the years we have seen a significant increase in storage capacity, mainly due to the improvement of mobile photographs and also of applications. A few years ago 16 GB was a standard storage and now it is a ridiculous figure for a mobile. Today we talk about the possible trend that will arrive at the end of the year with 1 TB capacity storages.

128 GB mobiles are the most recommended

At this time (July 2021) a user can make normal use of their device with 64 GB of storage. If it is an intensive user, it is possible that after a few months these 64 GB of storage will be short, so it is better to opt for a mobile with 128 GB.

Current services are making the cloud becomes more and more important, so the internal storage of the devices is losing, little by little, something of value. Only some users who make very long recordings with their devices will need 256 GB or more storages.

With a minimum of order, cleanliness and use of the cloud 128 GB is more than enough to be able to enjoy an Android mobile without too many worries. In addition, it is important to indicate that this storage can be cleaned and emptied of everything that you do not need and have been storing.

Apple will go for 1 TB storage with the iPhone 13

How much storage do you need on your mobile? Apple says 1 TB

Today we learned that Apple will use 1 TB storage chips for a model of the iPhone 13. It is something that is scarce in Android and that only Samsung and a couple of other companies have been encouraged to try. Samsung did it in 2019 with the Galaxy S10 and Note10, something that should not have turned out too well, since those figures have not been repeated.

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And it may sound ridiculous that someone needs a 1 TB internal storage on a mobile. Not even most SSD laptops have such storage. Who needs 1 TB of memory on the mobile?

If we are honest, nobody. Not even users who spend their working hours recording with their mobile phones need that amount of storage. If you use your mobile to record professionally, it means that you are a professional and that every time you export the videos to your computer, you make a backup copy.

With a backup you can erase everything on the iPhone without worrying about losing it. The same happens with photos: it does not matter if you dedicate yourself to taking professional photographs with a mobile, you will not need 1 TB of storage.

A current 512GB iPhone costs a whopping 1609 euros or $ 1,399. If Apple includes 1 TB of storage, it would not be strange for the device to be around 2,000 euros / dollars. Indeed, a iPhone of 2,000 euros / dollars that no one needs to have.

And not for the fact of being an iPhone, no Android needs such an amount of storage and it has been seen with the Samsung test in 2019. It has not been repeated because the company has not been profitable to make a model with so much storage: no one would buy it.

The bottom line is that no, you don’t need a mobile with 1 TB of storage, and probably not 512GB either. Of course, in late 2021 and early 2022 we could see many more manufacturers joining this trend because of Apple.