The phrase “I’ll make you a Bizum” has become practically as popular as “I’ll send it to you on WhatsApp” or expressions like ship or stalk. The service allows you to send money without taking out the wallet pocket and without having to search an ATM around you. Everything also from the mobile application from your bank and in a few simple steps.

Last October, by the way, Bizum turned five. Five years in which it has become an ally of users and banks. This service is integrated into practically any Spanish bank. It has more than 18 million of active users, more than 700 million transactions carried out and little by little it is being introduced in online stores and in face-to-face stores throughout Spain.

But, whether or not you are an active user of Bizum, you will have several questions about its limits or capabilities. For instance. How much money can you send through Bizum per day? And per month? How many times can you send money to your friends or family? We answer all these questions below.

How much money can I send and receive?

At the time of writing these lines, these are the amounts and amounts that you can make through Bizum. Or to understand us, this is what you can send by Bizum. These limits are between individuals. They do not affect purchases in stores and donations.

  • The minimum you can send per operation: € 0.5
  • The maximum you can send per operation: € 1,000
  • Operations sent by client: Unlimited
  • Amount received per customer per day: € 2,000
  • Operations received per client per month: 60 operations
  • Maximum recipients in a shipment / request: 30 recipients
  • Requests to receive per client per month: 60 operations
  • Duration of pending shipment to non-customers: 2 days
  • Duration of the pending request to non-clients: 7 days
  • Storage of your data on their servers: 30 days

These are the general Bizum limits that apply to most Spanish banks. But each bank applies its own rules when sending and receiving by Bizum. Here are several examples:

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  • BBVA allows you to send money between € 0.5 and € 500 per operation. Limit, € 1,200 per day and € 5,000 per month. It also limits 60 operations per day and per month.
  • CaixaBank allows you to send money between € 0.5 and € 500 per operation. Limit, € 2,000 per day. Maximum, 60 operations a month.
  • Santander limits to € 15,000 the maximum per transaction between individual and online commerce.
  • Unicaja allows you to send money between € 0.5 and € 500 per operation. Limit, € 2,000 per day. Maximum, 60 operations sent per month and 60 received per month.
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Why does Bizum put limits when sending money?

First of all, it should be remembered that sending and receiving by Bizum has certain limits for security reasons. The same thing happens with your credit card. You have a spending limit per month and a spending limit per operation. In case of theft, and before you can cancel or cancel the card, the most a thief can take from you It will be limited to the amount of money that you can withdraw from the ATM in a single operation or the spending limit of the card, which is usually well below the money you have in your current account.

With Bizum, the idea is the same. To avoid scams in Bizum, you can send money up to a certain amount and carry out a certain number of operations per day and / or per month. Those limitations have gone changing over the years adapting to the current reality. All in all, those limits are more than acceptable for your day to day.

Another aspect to take into account is that the Treasury limits the amounts that you can send money between individuals or family members. The goal of these limits is avoid tax fraud. For example, trying not to pay certain mandatory taxes such as the Inheritance and Donations Tax or the Property Transfer Tax. With these limits you also want stop money laundering. It may not end with it, but it makes it more difficult for anyone who wants to disappoint large quantities of money.