How much does a divorce cost in Mexico?

How much does a divorce cost in Mexico?

What is divorce?

Before talking about pesos and cents, and who has to pay, we must explain what a divorce is.

“Divorce is dissolution of the marriage bond. It’s a legal act”, he explained Victor Manuel Alonso Inclanspecialist at the Faculty of Law of La Salle University.

The divorce also has to be registered in the civil registrationwhich gives rights and responsibilitiesadded Jaime Alapiscoacademic from the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Panamericana (UP).

In 2020the number of divorces in Mexico went down until 92,739, figure 42% lower to the one registered in 2019a year before the coronavirus pandemic, when it was 160,107according to data from inegi.

The states with higher number of separations for every 10,000 inhabitants aged 18 or over were: Aguascalientes (30.6), Coahuila (28.8) and Campeche (23.9), show the data of the Institute.

There are two types of divorce: administrative and the judicial. 90.6% of all divorces were resolved through judicialand 9.4% were resolved via administrativedetailed the Inegi.

The administrative divorce is carried out before the civil registry and happens when the couple agrees to the separation, if there are no children or they are of legal age and when they were married by separation of property.

In this case, the specialists explained, the cost includes the payment of rights, which is established by each federal entity, that is, it does not cost the same to get a divorce in Guerrero than in Nuevo León or Mexico City.

When the separation is carried out in court, the divorce can be by mutual agreement, bilateral or it is enough that one of the members no longer wants to be with the other. It is called express divorce.

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While the average age of divorce in women is 39.1 years, in men it is 41.6 years, according to Inegi figures.

Enough with notify to the couple separation intention and a agreement. What can complicate and lengthen is the separation of assets and the maintenance pension.