How many times a week should I exercise and for how long?

How many times a week should I exercise and for how long?

How many times should we train and for how long is a question that we all usually ask ourselves, especially at the beginning when we start training.

At the end of the day, it is something totally normal since we are beginners and we do not have much idea about the subject, so in this article we are going to Let this question be answered once and for all.

How many times to train a week

It is important to clarify that novice people have a greater tendency to create muscle mass and/or lose body fat than a person who has been training for years.

This is because the person who starts training has never received a mechanical stimulus and his body adapts very quickly, favoring that gain of muscle mass or loss of body fat.

Therefore, a novice person does not need as often as another already trained, so if he trained three days a week would be more than enough.


For some people, three days a week may seem very little, but we insist that, in addition to the fact that each body is different, the intra-individual situation (that is, the moment from which it starts) is also different. Obviously this does not mean that you will always progress in this way, but it is true that, in addition to progressing faster, you will have less risk of injury.

It must be taken into account that a novice person does not know the techniques of the exercises, so it is preferable that for that part, they also go little by little and adapt to the different moves you can make (including hip flexion, knee flexion, shoulder extension, etc.).

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At first it can be a bit confusing for our brain execute the exercises correctly since, normally, we do not usually perform these movements, much less with weight. The same thing happens when we start driving; The clutch, accelerator, brake, gears, etc. can generate a lot of confusion. but as we drive, we do so unconsciously.

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Therefore, as a conclusion, it is best to start with three days a week and all training volume is included in those three days.

How long do I have to train like this?

This question is already somewhat more unspecific because this will depend a lot on the person and how did you train in the beginning. As mentioned above, novices have a very strong tendency to gain muscle mass and other skills such as strength, mobility, etc.


These gains will depend on how it was done. For example, if we have started training with a lot of intensity, it is true that our gains will be greater, but for less time than if we have trained with less intensity and have given our central nervous system a greater margin of recovery, which is the one that responsible for elongating and contracting muscle fibers, and our own muscle fibers.

To answer the question correctly, we would tell you that it is when you stop progressing training only three days a week. But first you have to make sure that you are training correctly, that the technique is good, that the volume and intensity introduced are correct, etc. For this reason, we always suggest that you hire a personal trainer, at least initially.


There comes a time when our body is not able to progress with that stimulus and it is necessary to give it more volume or spread that same volume over more days. For example, if for pectoral we were doing eight weekly series, we could upload four more series, spreading it over more days and doing six series one day and six series another.

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