How many rounds did Andy Ruiz have to fight to buy his Mercedes truck?

How many rounds did Andy Ruiz have to fight to buy his Mercedes truck?

Andy Ruiz Jr. will return to the ring on September 4 after almost two years of inaction. We remember how many rounds he had to fight Anthony Joshua to buy the most beloved Mercedes from his garage.

On September 4, the Arena Cryptocom, in the city of Los Angeles, will be the stage that will have the return of Andy Ruiz Jr.. to the ring after almost two years of inaction for the Mexican boxer. The rival on duty will be the Cuban Luis Ortiz, who now represents the greatest threat for the return in style of ‘destroyer’.

And it is that since his first fight against Anthony Joshua, where he won the world heavyweight title, the Californian boxer’s career -but with Mexican roots- has foundered. Since then, bad decisions and irregular preparation has made the name of Andy Ruiz disappear from the boxing map.

Until the moment he steps into the Arena Cryptocom ring, the fighter’s status remains unknown to viewers. Hence, we remember better times in which Ruiz Jr. earned a real fortune for fighting and in which he only needed a few minutes in the ring to buy the car of his dreams.

We are talking about the first fight against Joshua, where the American boxer pocketed a whopping 6 million dollars in the purse. The dream of destroyer when assembling his private garage he always pointed to a Mercedes G Wagon G550one of the most outstanding trucks of the German brand.

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The price of this SUV is quoted at 280 thousand dollars, so Andy Ruiz Jr. hardly needed a round against the British boxer to make his dream come true. In fact, since that fight ended with a KO in the seventh round in favor of Destroyer, his bank account added 857 thousand dollars per round, for what he could even buy -if he wanted- three Mercedes G Wagon for just one round in the ring. Crazy, right?

+ The Mercedes that Andy Ruiz Jr. bought for fighting a round