How many chapters does each season of Bleach have

How many chapters does each season of Bleach have

Have you ever wondered how many chapters each season of Bleach has, then do not worry, in this article we will clarify all your doubts. Enters!

Bleach with more than 300 chapters and 12 seasons will return with a new season who plans to adapt the end of the manga from Tite Kubo. But if you still don’t know what the saga is about, keep reading …

«Ichigo Kurosaki He is an ordinary teenager, except for one thing, he can see spirits. And one day, while walking, he meets an unknown entity to him, a shinigami named Rukia Kuchiki, who is surprised that he can see her and her spiritual power.

Rukia I would have come to your world for do away with these evil spiritsHowever, she is unable to fulfill her duty by not being able to defeat a hollow that attacks Ichigo’s familiar, having no other options, this decides to give his powers to Ichigo so that he can finish with that spirit, obtaining it easily. However now Rukia has lost her powers and has become a normal human.

Now as a human Rukia must keep an eye on Ichigo who possesses her powers, yet she knows that one day she will Soul Society will come for her because of the taboo she has committed by giving her powers to a human, however when this happens, Ichigo and his friends decide to go rescue her. going to the place where the Shinigami and where they will find out the whole truth about that world.

Bleach, one of the pillars of shonen

In its best moments, just as Dragon Ball once was, bleach was called “Pillar of the shōnen” (next to Naruto Y One piece). The series reached an impact inside and outside Japan, thus becoming one of the most successful anime ever.

The Bleach series came to be considered one of the pillars of shonen

However, its anime adaptation would end prematurely leaving open the possibility of a second season, which will probably finally arrive in the winter season 2021, although The release date has not yet been confirmed, but what is known unofficially is that Bleach will return with a new season which plans to adapt not only the last arcs of the manga by Tite Kubo, but the rest of the work and thus give this series the ending it deserves.

Now, if you want to immerse yourself in this story or want to live some of the most precious moments of the series, we invite you to see how many chapters each season of Bleach has.

How many chapters does Bleach have?

bleach aired on Japanese television from October 5, 2004 until the March 27, 2012, counting on exactly 366 chapters that were divided into 12 seasons, which end up adapting arcs based on the events that take place in the manga.

Season 1 – Substitute Shinigami (Chapters 1-20)

Substitute Shinigami it’s the first bleach season, it comprises approximately episodes that focus on Ichigo who with the help of Rukia must act as “Shinigami” instead, after he took his powers, while they both live their day to day as secondary students.

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bleach episodes in the first season
Bleach Chapters: Substitute Shinigami (Chapters 1-20)

Season 2 – Soul Society (Chapters 21-63)

The second season focuses on the arc of the Soul Society, in which Ichigo and his friends travel to the place where the shinigamis came from with the sole purpose of rescue rukiaEven if that means declaring war on the other world.

Season 3 – Bount and Invasion of Soul Society (64-109)

Bount is the third season of the series and narrates events that are not based on the original manga, thus being all these exclusive to anime (and for the same reason, they are considered “stuffed”, except for some and another scene of the Chapter 109)

Bleach Season 3 Bount and Invasion of Soul Society
Bleach chapters: Bount and invasion of Soul Society (64-109)

This season’s story focuses on the modified souls that can inhabit inanimate bodies, and in the so-called Bount, who become the main antagonist wanting to invade Soul Society, and whom Ichigo will have to face.

Season 4 – Boot (110-167)

The Bleach season four focuses on the Ichigo’s return from Soul Society and in the arrival of the Visored, a group of shinigami who have acquired the powers of the Hollow. However, peace is about to end, since Aizen has put his plans in motion and has kidnapped Orihime (in love with Ichigo), who by her powers could end up being useful enough to carry out his master plan.

However, Uryu, Sado, Renji, Rukia and Ichigo decide to go find her in Hueco Mundo to save her, having to fight tough battles against the Espada, who serve Aizen, in order to do so.

Season 5 – The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai (168-189)

like the third season, the fifth covers an exclusive arc of the anime, and it is centered on some different adventures that have nothing to do with the real story.

bleach Season 5 The new Captain Shusuke Amagai
Bleach chapters: the new Captain Shūsuke Amagai (168-189)

Season 6 – Boot vs. Shinigami (190-205)

The anime season six recovers the narration of the fourth season and retakes it focusing now more than ever on the confrontation between the Arrancar and the Shinigami, who meet in Karakura Town to end the eternal confrontation.

Season 7 – The Past (206-212)

The seventh season, although it is an anime exclusive, it ends up telling us the truth about events that are mentioned in the series and which took place more than 100 years ago, such as the confrontation between Aizen and Urahara.

bleach Season 7 The Past
Bleach chapters: the past (206-212)

Season 8 – Decisive Battle in Karakura (213-229)

The decisive battle in karakura is the season eight of the anime / manga series Bleach and it takes up the narrative thread of the sixth season to start the battles between Shinigami and Arrancar.

Bleach Season 8 Decisive Battle in Karakura
Bleach chapters: decisive battle in Karakura (213-229)

Season 9 – The Alternate History of the Zanpaku-tō (230-265)

The ninth season of the series It is one that tells exclusive anime stories, that is “stuffed”, and it is centered on the shinigami weapons, the Zanpaku-tō.

Season 10: the end of the Arrancar (266-316)

The tenth season, go back to main story and defines us confrontation between the Shinigami and Arrancar, in which, as Ichigo and his friends fight in Hueco Mundo against the Espada, Shinigami do it in Karakura Town to protect the peace of the world as we know it. Returning Ichigo to the city at the end to face Aizen.

Season 11 – Gotei 13 Armed Invasion Saga (317-342)

The eleventh season focuses on another original story, where after the end of the Arrancar Saga, the Society of Souls, the Gotei 13, is invaded.

bleach Season 11 Armed Invasion Saga al Gotei 13
Bleach chapters: Gotei Armed Invasion saga 13 (317-342)

Season 12 – Lost Agent Saga (343-366)

The 12th and final season of Bleach, count the Ichigo’s life, who after returning to being a normal human has not known more about the Shinigami or the Hollow, however, all this will change when he meets the Xcution.

Now that you know how many chapters each season of Bleach has, the time has come to immerse yourself in its compelling story.