How can we get the Warped Dragon Armor in Elden Ring

How can we get the Warped Dragon Armor in Elden Ring

The community of Elden Ring players is entering their adventure through the middle lands, and veterans of this type of Souls-like game know that a set of armor is something really important, since it will help us in our confrontations against the various bosses of the video game.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, if you are a novice, you will like to know how beneficial they are and how we can get them, so we show you this time how you can easily get the Deformed Dragon Armor.

What benefits does an armor set offer?

A set of armor that is not only an impressive appearance, but also offers a series of amazing statistics such as resistances to different elements or secondary effects among others, which will help you in certain combats. The Warped Dragon Armor is just one of the sets you can get in the Elden Ring.

Where to find the Warped Dragon Armor

As you progress through your journey through the Midlands you will end up in Farum Azula, the Ruined City where you will be surrounded by powerful enemies, great items and weapons. You’ll also meet an old friend who may have made you want to quit the game right from the start.

These are the Warped Wild Sentinels that have come back stronger than ever and are the key to getting the Warped Dragon Armor. Luckily, if you’ve fought one of these beings in the past, you’ll have a huge advantage, as you’ll run into several Sentinels on your journey, so make sure you know how they move, attack, and act so you don’t fail.

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You will find the one in this area just up the stairs that are located near the Place of Grace next to the Great Bridge area. Once you defeat him you will get the Warped Dragon Armor.

Once you have the full Warp Dragon Armor set, you’ll see your stats grow exponentially, but you’ll still be able to tell what stats this set gives so you know whether or not it’s worth looking for.

As for the stats on the damage negation of this set you will get 36.7 points of physical damage, 32.7 Vs Hit, 38.4 against Slash and 36.7 points Vs Piercing. You’ll also get 28.2 points of damage negation against magic, fire, and holy, as well as 30 points against lightning. The Warp Dragon Armor set resistances are as follows:

You will get 135 points of Immunity, 181 of Robustness, 91 of Concentration and Vitality and, finally, 56 points of Poise. In addition to these statistics, which will help you a lot in your adventure through the Middle Lands, you will get the appearance of the Wild Sentinels, which if you are a collector or want to know more about the history of the Elden Ring, you will want to have it in your collection.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend that you go up a few points in stamina to be able to equip this set since it is quite heavy and reminds us of the Havel Armor set from other Souls Saga games.