How can the Pareto Principle help you be more productive?

How can the Pareto Principle help you be more productive?

Did you know that 20% of the population monopolizes 80% of the wealth? These percentages are based on the Pareto Principle, also known as the “80/20 rule” and can come in handy to improve your productivity considerably. Basically, what this principle says is that 20% of the effort generates 80% of the results.

If you find yourself in a moment of stress and feel that you work hard but do not progress, it is most likely that you are focusing 80% of your time on many small tasks that only bring you 20% of the results.

Therefore, if you want to implement this principle in your day to day life, in order to achieve greater productivity, then we are going to offer you some keys to do it in a totally effective way.

Thanks to the Pareto Principle you can prioritize tasks

The fundamental thing is that you identify the main tasks, since this will allow you to apply this principle in your day to day. When you have already identified them, order them and prioritize them. Many times it will not be easy to start at this point and you will have to review the order of priorities while applying these rules. This is because sometimes you won’t know how important something is until you see its result.

Dedicate your most productive schedule

Each person is different and more so when it comes to productivity. Identify, therefore, what hours you work best and plan to carry out your tasks during this time.

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Apply 80/20 to your times according to the Pareto Principle

If you follow the Pareto Principle, you must remember that the most relevant 20% will occupy 80% of your time. Do not despair if you see that these tasks take up most of your day, as this is a logical thing to happen.

Don’t add, substitute

Always remember that your time is limited. Therefore, in the event that an important project appears, it will be vital that those that have a small impact on your profits are replaced. If you work on many projects at the same time, you will have less time to carry them out, so the quality of the results will be lower.

Therefore, you should focus on those that bring you the most benefits and/or take up the least amount of time possible.

Solve problems with the Pareto Principle

The normal thing is that, in any project, unexpected incidents arise, so, then, the power of reaction must be fast. Problems, according to this principle, will appear, for the most part, in delimited areas.

That is why you have to make an adjustment plan to solve the difficulty, studying the causes and effects. It is very important not to get stuck and find solutions.

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