How autism is detected in children

How autism is detected in children

Discover the main characteristics that help identify autism in young children.

Discovering an autistic child from a very young age is very difficult since the characteristics of this disorder become completely noticeable until reaching the age of 4, the age at which a full communicative link must be presented, both visually and in speech. 

However, there are behaviors and reactions that can help us detect a problem in our little ones. In Parents and children we explain them to you:

Visual recognition:  Children with autism do not show interest or seem to recognize people’s faces. They also do not maintain eye contact, their gaze seems lost and does not react to smiles and other gestures. 

Reaction to sounds: They do not recognize your name or react to various sounds that could cause surprise or fright. This feature can be somewhat misleading, as they can recognize musical or ambient sounds.

How autism is detected in children

Touch: They do not like certain caresses or, like many babies, they do not seem to need to be carried.

Relationship with objects: They can entertain themselves with various objects but they do not use them as expected, that is, they play as if they do not understand what their toys are for.

For better detection and confirmation of autism symptoms , it is best to consult a specialist. It is always important that we be alert to any signs in the little ones to provide them with a better quality of life.