Housfy continues to take advantage of the pull that the pandemic has given to the digitization of some services, including real estate. The platform for buying and selling apartments who wants to fight agency commissions announces a new round of financing with which to continue investing in its platform and international expansion. Despite the coronavirus slump, which has affected everyone, Housfy is celebrating. “Yes it went well, but at first it was quite complicated, mainly for the proptech“explains Albert Bosch to Hypertextual.

10 million euros that have the objective set in their first country outside of Spain: Portugal. Country that have already been working for months. “It is a small country that concentrates almost the entire population in two cities and that is also little digitized,” says Albert. On the way they leave Italy, a market that they inaugurated together with Portugal and that barely lasted a few months. “We realized that we did not have enough money and we backed down,” confirms the founder of Housfy. Despite everything, they do not rule out further expansions by other regions of Europe in the coming months supported by more rounds of financing.

In any case, behind this round are the funds that have traditionally supported the company and some last minute additions. Seaya Ventures, Torch Capital, DN Capital and Cathay Capital, through C. Entrepreneurs, who have already participated in previous rounds, with Aldea Ventures and CDTI as new members of the real estate startup.

“We are very diversified, so we are less and less sensitive to the real estate market for buying and selling”

Likewise, Housfy has the objective of expanding its portfolio of services. In addition to basic real estate operations, the startup wants to manage rentals, reforms, removals, services for real estate companies, insurance brokerage or supplies. It is precisely this long list of business lines which has ensured the growth of Housfy. “We are very diversified, so we are less and less sensitive to the real estate market for buying and selling”, explains Bosch, in addition “rents have skyrocketed in Spain and that benefits us.”

Because it is precisely the rental division that has been looking strong for the company since its launch in June of last year. Right now they have data of 90 rentals per month with a goal of managing about 200 per month –figure they have to achieve by the middle of next year-. As for purchases, encouraged by a greater transfer of credits by banks, it is estimated that in 2022 they will be able to reach 4,000 or 5,000 sales.

With this operation, the company has already achieved a total of 22 million euros in 6 operations. Practically one per year since its foundation in 2016, according to data from Crunchbase. And with the increase of their rounds, also the growth of its turnover. Housfy’s goal is to achieve 15 million euros of turnover in 2021, all with a 2020 that closed with 6.2 million euros and a 2019 of 4.8 million. All despite the pandemic.