Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformanía first reviews

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformanía first reviews

Very soon the movie Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation, the new installment of the funniest monsters in animated cinema, will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

The first installment was released in 2012 and its fun and carefree proposal that presented a hotel of monsters that wanted to go unnoticed by humans was very popular with viewers and went on to raise more than 358 million dollars. That is why in 2015 the second installment arrived that raised the number at the box office to 474 million dollars. The thing did not stop there and the third installment swept in 2018 with 528 million dollars. So, from what you can see, they were getting more and more successful. But the world is changing and for Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation have decided to bet on the streaming service and will arrive directly at Amazon Prime Video.

As we can see below, it seems that the film will only be suitable for the most childish audience, since adults may even consider it boring. Although luckily, it seems that it exceeds the third installment somewhat, but does not reach the level of the first two.

The movie Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation will premiere on January 14, 2022 in Amazon Prime Video.

First reviews of the film:

  • Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformanía is sweet enough to please the little ones in the house. Those who find the humor toothless should at least appreciate the distinctive animation, which can be just as energetically wacky as classic Looney Tunes.
  • Another boring story that inelegantly describes issues such as acceptance, understanding and diversity within a series that has always been quite clumsy with its messages on such important topics.
  • Hollywood’s most grueling film franchise has finally expired (hopefully) in a spasm of sheer hyperactive futility.
  • Younger viewers will likely enjoy watching a Dracula human being eaten alive by piranhas and mosquitoes. Adults are expected to be entertained by the speed of the gags, as well as the expressive facial tics and body language of the various characters.
  • There is an analogy involving burnt marshmallows and how you can open them to reveal a sticky and delicious center. Let’s put it this way: there’s nothing to savor downtown or anywhere within Hotel Transylvania 4: Makeover.
  • Like many movies that have been streamed since the pandemic, this movie feels like it was made for an HDTV screen, not a large one. It’s fine. But you can do better.
  • A welcome new entry in the franchise – Taking history in exciting new directions, with plenty of opportunities for original parts. However, I feel like I may have squeezed the last drop of fresh blood out of this sick franchise.
  • Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation has cool transformations and all, but like everything else about the movie, it’s only temporary. While it may be fine for young children… With four movies, the series is already getting a bit boring for anyone else.
  • After the disappointment of the third movie, this is a pleasant surprise. Silly fun for the whole family, but Adam Sandler’s presence is sorely missed.
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