Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn networks remembered her birthday

Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn networks remembered her birthday

Yesterday, January 6, the day of the Three Kings was celebrated in Mexico, but it was not the only thing we celebrated, since yesterday also was the birthday of one of the most popular Sailors Scouts.

We talk about the shy and powerful Sailor saturn, the beloved sailor of destruction, Hotaru Tomoe.

It might seem that, after so many years, that the well-known animated series was broadcast live on local television stations, and we would think that only Japan was aware of this.

But it was not like that, since this girl continues to enjoy quite a lot of popularity, so much so that there were many pages and people who dedicated a congratulatory message to the much loved Girl Scout.

That’s right, by twitter, instagram and even Facebook, they remained active regarding the birthday of the well-known girl.

Perhaps it is due to the story behind this girl, who was one of the most complicated and saddest in the animated series.

Hotaru Tomoe, who in the cartoon lived important moments, his date of birth according to his creators was the January 6, 1981, which, if time ran in the same way for them, the girl would already be in her 40’s.

There were so many displays of affection, fanarts, cosplays and images taken from the original animation that were shared on the networks, that there is no doubt that this animation is still loved and followed today.

We hope that with so much affection, you will put a warm smile on your tender face.

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