Hot Sale 2022 at Walmart, Soriana Chedraui and La Comer: what promotions do they have

Hot Sale 2022 at Walmart, Soriana Chedraui and La Comer: what promotions do they have

This discount season was created to sell electronics, such as cell phones and computers, and durable goods, such as a stove or a screen, although little by little other consumer categories have been added, including medicines. But as part of the recommendations to take advantage of the Hot Sale, Julián Fernández, director of analysis at Bursamérica, suggests acquiring goods that last longer than the promotion.

For example, he says, it’s better to buy a refrigerator, which will outlast 12 months of potential interest-free payments, than a week’s worth of groceries, which will most likely run out before the debt is paid off.

Most retailers offer some monthly purchase promotions without interest, and add other benefits such as home deliveries at an extra cost. And, although Chedraui, La Comer and Soriana have a commercial strategy, Walmart could be the big winner of Hot Sale 2022.

“It is important for companies to approach this opportunity… because joining (the Hot Sale) helps the image of the brands,” says Fernández.

Walmart Discounts

For a couple of days, Walmart began to advance the offers that it would have available in its e-commerce channel. The company offers monthly purchases without interest, ranging from 12 to 24 months, depending on the bank. It also makes a bonus to the balance of purchases, which ranges from 10% to 15%.

Among the products that enter these promotions are screens, video game consoles and cell phones. It also offers washing machines and electric ovens, and the sale of alcoholic beverages, of which some brands are on promotion for three months without interest.

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The company promises same-day delivery for products located in its Walmart Express section, where there are household cleaning supplies and products that can be stored, such as milk or packaged beans. Promotions can be located in the Hot Sale section within your page.