Horo’s ultimate cosplay #FenixFatalist

Horo’s ultimate cosplay #FenixFatalist

In the world of cosplayers, there is always more than one version that attracts our attention.

There are girls who give themselves a little more when it comes to carrying out their projects such as cosplayers, which simply lead to the realization of an excellent job, paying attention to even the smallest details of it.

We bring back the lovely Ukrainian cosplayer Mariia karpenko, who once again delights us with his elegant style to represent some of the most iconic characters in the world of video games.

With some important differences this time, since it is a character from a literary novel written by Isuna hasekura and illustrated by Jyu ayakura, which was taken to an anime, another difference that we think you may have already noticed is that her cosplay is not as detailed or elaborate, as we are used to.

It is a different project, but far from being something of low quality or without that artistic touch that the girl offers us on all occasions.

The lovely cosplayer Fenix ​​Fatalis, who through her Instagram, shows us some of the projects, this time she gives us a more intimate and special one for herself, since, in the description of the photographs, she talks about how long it took her to risk doing a job like this, but is also satisfied with the amazing result.

The character that shows us is called Horo, who is a Wolf deity that for most of the anime is in human form, except for her ears and tail, of which she is proud since she seems to show them off all the time when waddling.

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Feeling that the people who adored her no longer paid attention to her, she decided to travel the world to see what had changed.

The beauty Mariia He sports long reddish hair together with red and pointed ears, in some of the photos he is seen wearing a loose white shirt that he uses in the anime, as well as his furry wolf tail.

This time too added a video about what she did during the time that she remained characterized as the character. We will continue to show you incredible cosplay that we find on the networks.