Horizon Forbidden West presents its tribes in a new trailer

Horizon Forbidden West presents its tribes in a new trailer

As its release date approaches, Horizon Forbidden West continues to be shown in trailers focused on different aspects. In this new video trailer, Aloy’s new adventure has wanted to show beyond the border of the Forbidden West showing the tribes that players will be able to find throughout the extensive map of the game, which will be both strange and familiar. The exploration will come to have new alliances and fight deadly enemies, from the border settlements of the Carja and the Oseram to the cursed lands of the Utaru in Cantollano, passing through the Clan Lands ravaged by the war of the Tenakth.

Join us as we take a closer look at the inhabitants of the border, their territories and their customs, but don’t expect to know all their secrets. As Aloy will discover, the only way to unravel the mysteries of the Forbidden West is to explore it in person“reads the description of the video that has revealed the new aspect of the tribes that we will visit throughout the new adventure.

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Horizon Forbidden West, which revealed new details about the cobra-looking machine recently, will debut next 18th of February on both PS5 and PS4. Sequel to one of the flagships of the previous generation, the title promises to offer an incredible new adventure accompanying Aloy through the dangerous and fantastic lands of the Forbidden West, where there will be new and mysterious threats to master.

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In the aftermath, the earth dies, raging storms and unstoppable desolation wreak havoc on what remains of humanity, a few scattered tribes, as fearsome new machines prowl its borders. Life on Earth faces a new extinction and no one knows why. Only Aloy is able to uncover the secrets behind these threats, and restore order and balance to the world.. Will you be able to do it?

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