Horizon Forbidden West: Players Find Secret Cave

Horizon Forbidden West: Players Find Secret Cave

The game of Guerrilla Games, Horizon Forbidden Westhas been amazing from day one, but we must also recognize that because it is so big, it is full of hundreds of little secrets, as well as various hidden details, so players continually spread the word and tell us about new tricks, details and ways to get all the achievements in the game.

It was through Reddit, that the user squidflowprofound a cave that allows you to jump directly out of the world, and this one that could be a bug, turns out to be beneficial for the players, because we must accept that despite the patches, Horizon Forbidden Westthis cave is still useful to unlock the achievement Complete A Long Glide.

To find the cave, you need to head to The Greypeaka rebel outpost south of cliffwatchand a good road directly east of Tide’s Reach, so it will be easier for you to get there, but if you haven’t unlocked that ability yet, you can still get there on foot. So when you get to that snowy spot you need to climb up the slope to the left of the cave and slide towards its entrance, although if you fly it’s much easier as you can just fly over it swoop down, then run down the path and you emerge into… nowhere.

You see, if you jump, you can slide under the world for a good amount of time, which turns out to be a strangely relaxing and enjoyable endeavor (Horizon Forbidden West somehow manages to look good even in its glitches), and you’ll respawn at the campfire. closest, this being an excellent place to obtain the achievement “Complete A Long Glide” and an entertaining time with the game of Warfare.

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