Honda advances the first keys to the new Prologue, an electric SUV that will arrive in 2024

Honda advances the first keys to the new Prologue, an electric SUV that will arrive in 2024

The new Honda Prologue will be ready to storm the market in 2024. Honda’s new 100% electric SUV can be seen in a very interesting official preview. The brand has advanced the first keys to the SUV that will play a leading role in its offensive related to fully electric mobility.

Sling has published the first sketch of its long-awaited 100% electric vehicle. The new honda prologue It is glimpsed quite clearly in an official preview that allows us to discover some of its keys. A model that is part of an ambitious product offensive related to fully electric mobility and is called to play a leading role.

The new Prologue will be ready to storm dealerships sometime in 2024. We are facing an SUV whose design process has been carried out between teams in the United States and Japan. Sling ensures that it represents the clean, simple and timeless values ​​of the direction that the global design language of the Japanese company has taken.

Honda Prologue, an electric SUV resulting from the collaboration with General Motors

Special emphasis is also placed on the fact that the new Prologue will boast a long wheelbase and a shorter overhang. The rims and tires that will be shod will help the vehicle take on a strong stance. Being an electric aerodynamics will be a key factor. The work team is aware of this and that is why a lot of effort has been devoted to achieving good aerodynamics despite its status as an SUV-type vehicle.

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will be the first electric car resulting from the collaboration between Honda and General Motors. A collaboration in the field of electrification that was announced two years ago. Mamadou Diallo, Vice President of Sales for Honda Cars Americas, highlighted that the brand’s dealers are excited about this new electric SUV: “Our dealers are excited about the Prologue and the fact that it is Honda’s first volume electric car. After the Prologue there will be more electric cars that will be manufactured in North America and will hit the market in 2026.

It is important to remember that Honda has established a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality in the year 2050. That is why the company will introduce 30 new electric vehicles worldwide by 2030. By that year they expect to reach 2 million vehicle sales electrical.

Honda’s new electric SUV has been conceived for North America

The Honda electric car offensive in North American territory It has been divided into three phases and the final goal is in the year 2030:

  • 2024. Sales of the Honda Prologue, developed jointly with General Motors, begin.
  • 2026. The production and sale of Honda electric cars based on the new Honda e:Architecture begins.
  • 2027. Production and sales of a new series of affordable electric cars based on a new architecture developed together with General Motors begin.

Honda assures that these three phases of its plan will be decisive to reach the goal of selling half a million electric cars annually in North America by 2030.