We know a lot of fans of the famous Scotch whiskey cream (and we do not want to name brands) and for them and they we bring great news: it can be done at home in zero coma and without messing up. With it you can sweeten Christmas table tops or give it away in small bottles and look like kings or queens.

The homemade whiskey cream It is probably the easiest and fastest recipe we have shared to date. It’s so sucky that we’re a bit embarrassed to call it a recipe. You just have to get the necessary ingredients (which are five), mix them and that’s it.

The good thing about making our own whiskey cream is that we can adapt to taste. With the proportions that we propose, it is quite powerful, so if you like it softer and want to consume it as is, it may be convenient to vary the proportions of whiskey and condensed milk a bit.

In the blender jar we introduce All the ingredients: whiskey, condensed milk, soluble coffee, vanilla essence and cocoa powder.

We beat low speed for one or two minutes, to ensure that all the ingredients are well integrated and that the mixture will remain homogeneous and united.

Once the homemade whiskey cream is ready, we transfer it to a bottle and ready to consume. It agrees keep it in the fridge, with the bottle covered, and consume it within a maximum period of two or three weeks.

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With what to accompany the homemade whiskey cream

We can serve the homemade whiskey cream Alone and at room temperature or with ice, very cool, although we love to use it to cut our after-dinner coffee. It is magnificent. It is a drink that gives a lot of play when preparing desserts and other sweets with it.

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