Among the most classic Christmas sweets are, without a doubt, the Marzipan figures. Well placed next to the hard and soft nougat, with toasted yolk, the Soto marzipan, the polvorones and the peladillas. This was everything that came into my house years ago, a very different panorama from the current one with a variety of sweets that results, at least for me, stunning.

And it is that when it comes to Christmas sweets, I am a classic to the core, so much so that I like to prepare them at home. Once you jump in and you realize how simple it is and how rich the result is, then there is no going back. That is why I encourage you to try Make Marzipan Figures this Christmas. This rustic finish that they have and that homemade flavor is not achieved by the best brands and yours will appreciate it.

Boil the water and sugar in a saucepan, over low heat and stirring until get a clear syrup It reaches 105ºC (about 10 minutes). Then we add the ground almonds and stir vigorously until we get a very thick and homogeneous paste.

We continue cooking over low heat for five more minutes, without stopping to stir. We remove the saucepan from the heat and transfer the dough to a clean container to cool. Once cold, knead on the counter for 15 minutes to refine the dough well and make it shiny.

Now we only have form the figurinesI have opted for the classic shape and I have done it by hand, but you can find molds for this task. Place the figurines on a baking tray covered with parchment paper, brush with egg white and bake under the grill until they begin to brown.

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With what to accompany the marzipan figurines

There is no better way to end a Christmas lunch or dinner than with some Marzipan figures served after dinner. They are the perfect complement to coffee or tea after eating, and they are so delicious that they will fall one by one while the conversation with our family and friends lasts until mid-afternoon. We can complete them with some other homemade sweet, such as delicious coquitos or some tender marquesas.

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