Hogwarts Legacy boasts its strengths on PS5 to achieve a most immersive experience

Hogwarts Legacy boasts its strengths on PS5 to achieve a most immersive experience

From everything seen so far, it looks like Hogwarts Legacy will be one of the best video games with which we will close the year. Among the different platforms on which it will go on sale is PS5which is precisely one of those that will try to get us more fully into this magical world thanks to its exclusive features.

The DualSense is the one that will help the most to make the experience as immersive as possible. For this, the adaptive triggers will modify their resistance when we use the different spells with our magic wand, either from a very basic one to one of the most powerful.

In addition, each one of them will feel completely different from the others with the haptic vibration, which will also try to transmit certain sensations to us when, for example, we fly in a hippogriff or ride in a cart. but so much vibration like triggers They will also be used in a number of other activities, such as crushing ingredients or preparing potions.

Hogwarts Legacy 02

Another of the qualities of the DualSense is its LED lights, so that these will change their color with the spells or also depending on the house that we choose in the Hogwarts school, so that they will become scarlet and gold with Gryffindor, yellow and black with Hufflepuff, blue and bronze with Ravenclaw, and green and silver with Slytherin.

Otherwise, Hogwarts Legacy It will try to impress us with its visual section in 4K and with surround sound with its 3D Audio, something that will be appreciated with the sounds of the landscape, the crackling of the fire, when the cauldrons begin to bubble or with the spells that we expel with the wand. Even more reasons to wait for the Christmas and thus get us this new title of the Harry Potter universe.

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