his films already account for 26% of all box office revenues

his films already account for 26% of all box office revenues

What do you think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The truth is that your aesthetic or artistic consideration of the great franchise of our era is not relevant. It stopped being a long time ago. Marvel has changed the movie industry forever, even if such a transformation has only consisted of devouring it. A graphic illustrates The phenomenon.

From the initial 2.5% … Produced by Matthew ball From the data collected by Box Office Mojo, it shows what percentage of the total annual revenue at the US and Canadian box office corresponds to the MCU. In 2008, the sum of Hombre de Hierro Y The Incredible Hulk touched 5%. After a year without releases, 2010 marked the starting point for more than a decade of agglomeration with up to three annual releases. It was then that Marvel marked its minimum: 2.5% of the total box office.

… at the current 26%. For almost five years, the Universe was stagnant at 5%. His films grossed 2.9% on average, a respectable percentage that would simply pale in the face of the impending unfolding of events. In 2018, Marvel releases Black panther, Infinity war Y Ant-man. Three bombs. Its percentage of the total box office rises to 9%. In 2019 it exceeds 12.5%; in 2020 it is close to 20%; and in 2021 (Black widow, Eternals, Shang-chi Y Spiderman: No Way Home) catapults to 26%.

A quarter of the film industry is already MCU. Each film collects on average around 5% and 6.4%.

What does it mean. On the one hand, that the cinema is alive. In a very narrow definition, yes. Eight of the ten most-viewed movies of the year are franchises (sequels, prequels, spin-offs). At four from Marvel (they take four of the top six positions, including # 1 and # 2) we must add to Venom, Fast and the furious, James bond Y Ghostbusters. If you want to earn money at the box office, you just have to recover a saga buried in a nostalgic past and update it for the general public. Even the first non-franchise is a sequel (A Quiet Place II).

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Unless. On the other, that 26% is very exceptional. The volume of premieres and box office has plummeted over the past two years. 2020 was the worst year for the film industry in several decades ($ 2 billion, the lowest revenue since 1980) and 2021, although it has improved its numbers by 112%, it has fallen far short of the pre-pandemic figures ($ 4 billion vs. $ 11 billion in 2019).

The big studios, Marvel, have been able to weather the storm thanks to their enormous financial muscle. Other small or independent productions do not. Hence, its percentage of the total has skyrocketed.

Good future. It does not matter that 2020 or 2021 are anomalous years. The future of the MCU was already very well on track before the coronavirus. It was then that his films began to collect around 4.5% and when his percentage of the total box office exceeded 10%. Marvel is swallowing the cinema premiere by premiere. We saw it already in 2019: Disney is such a grandiose monster that it is changing not only how do you earn money in the cinema but the very definition of “cinema”.

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