Hilary Duff almost didn’t participate in ‘How I Met Your Father’

Hilary Duff almost didn’t participate in ‘How I Met Your Father’

how i met your father, the curious spin-off from how I Met Your Mother it premiered between divided opinions. Critics and fans can’t seem to agree on whether the series, which expands on a larger universe, has the resources to do so. Especially when he has to reinvent and revise a story that fans have followed with fond interest for nine seasons. There were doubts about whether the format that tells another story from the same point of view would be successful. Even one of its main stars I had considerable doubts to play one of the main roles.

This was revealed by Hilary Duff, who plays the main character in the new TV show how i met your father. The actress commented to Entertainment Weekly that he did not have it all with him when participating in this new premise. Especially since he believed that the main plot had closed all his stories in an extraordinary way. For Duff, it’s a challenge to rekindle the interest of fans in the series while offering something new to a new audience. Can something like this be achieved?

This is delicate terrain. how I Met Your Mother became the favorite series of a generation of viewers. Not only because of its fresh and emotional story about modern relationships. Also for its curious premise that played with the expectations of the audience for a decade. With a fresh look at romantic love, friendship and, especially, the way relationships mature, the success was immediate. how i met your father that hit HULU this month is attempting to repeat the phenomenon.

Back under the yellow umbrella

Hilary Duff commented that she initially did not want to participate in the project. The actress was convinced that the spin-off signed by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger was a risky experiment. how i met your father is actually another version of the original premise.

The argument maintains the structure of two different time lines that made the program famous. One, set in the year 2050, shows Sophie (Kim Cattrall) recounting how she met the love of her life. On the other hand, Duff plays the younger version of Sophie, who must face the world of dating in the Tinder era. Beyond that, the character also has a tough family history.

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Although they do not tell the same story, both series are in the same universe. Which causes inevitable comparisons. For Duff it was an added weight to the fact of participating in the reboot of a comedy that has become a generational icon. As told to ew, how i met your father He kept wondering at all times if there was something new that he could add to such a television event.

With its nine seasons and 208 episodes in tow, the series was perfect for Duff. As well as seriously considering whether an addition was necessary to expand a beloved universe and that, in his opinion, was “perfect. But after reading the script, the actress decided to join the project.

“I got a call from my manager saying there was a project they wanted to talk to me about. Then I heard the title and said: Are you kidding me? the original show is so, so loved and it was so perfect that I thought, Ohh, I don’t want (a reboot). I was a little nervous because it is also a sitcom, something I had never done before. But I read the script and it was everything you want a comedy to be. There were happy moments, but also funny moments and sometimes it was a bit strange. It was just perfect.”

How I met your father, a long history of disagreements


Duff’s concern is more than justified. In 2013 there was a first attempt to bring to television how i met your father. The credits included Greta Gerwig in the title role and Meg Ryan as the narrator. But the project did not make it past the early stages of pre-production and ended up being canceled in 2014.

For now, the result of how i met your father it did not captivate the fans and in fact, with lukewarm reviews there are doubts about its success. But even so, there is still almost a whole season left to see if it is a new successful chapter in the saga. Or just a review that shows that some classics do not support rewrites.