Hideo Kojima’s message to Norman Reedus about Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima’s message to Norman Reedus about Death Stranding 2

This week an interview with Norman Reedus in which the actor casually confirms that he is already working on Death Stranding 2, a sequel to the Kojima Productions game he starred in a few years ago. Because of this, Hideo Kojima He posted a message to his friend on social media.

The video game industry is often surrounded by secrecy when it comes to knowing what new games are being worked on, as publishers and developers generally look for the best time to make their announcement and for it to have the best impact on the public. For this reason, many of us were surprised that Norman Reedus said he was working on Death Stranding 2, since it has not been officially announced.

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A few hours ago, Hideo Kojima made a post on his Twitter account saying “go to your private room, my friend”, along with three photographs in which he appears with Norman Reedus. In these photographs we can see Hideo Kojima holding a replica of Lucille, the bat with barbed wire that we saw in The Walking Dead.

Hideo Kojima’s post has been taken as confirmation that Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding 2, but the truth is that we won’t be sure a sequel is in development until an official announcement is made. Either way, the new installment would have a short time in development, so it could be a while before a teaser trailer.

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Death Stranding came to PlayStation 4 exclusively in 2019, but its Director’s Cut version came to PS5 last year with additional content, which could have been used to test ideas that could be implemented in the next installment.