Hideo Kojima watched The Boys Season 3 without a break

Hideo Kojima watched The Boys Season 3 without a break

No doubt TheBoys is one of the best television series currently airing and its third season is almost over, which could be argued to have been the best to date. As proof of this, Hideo Kojima claims to have binge-watched Season 3 of The Boys without taking bathroom breaks.

Last week Hideo Kojima said that he once watched the first few episodes of The Boys because he was about to start a project with a similar premise, but back then he had only watched the first 3 and stopped. However, this week he decided to continue with the series and watched the first two seasons in a matter of days.

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The new episodes of The Boys are released through Amazon Prime Video every Friday, we currently have 7 episodes of Season 3. Last Thursday Hideo Kojima said he had seen the six episodes of Season 3 of The Boys that had so far without take breaks or go to the bathroom.

Through his Twitter account Hideo Kojima said he had seen the six episodes of The boys Season 3 in one sitting, without taking breaks or going to the bathroom, because he believes that too much was happening on the screen. “Even the eyes of the viewers were lit with lasers!” Said the famous video game designer.

Of course, Hideo Kojima has already caught up with Season 3 of The Boys, because through his Twitter account he said he had seen episode 7 and was speechless thanks to the shock. After this, Kojima watched episodes 7 and 8 of Stranger Things 4 before going to sleep. “Theaters are an important place for me, but the streaming times are also good,” Kojima said.

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After Kojima began tweeting about The Boys, showrunner Eric Kripke approached him about making a video game of the series, to which the Homelander actor (Antony Starr) said he supports the notion. With Kojima’s new obsession with The Boys, we hope he takes the proposition seriously and Kojima Productions develops an adaptation like only they could.