Hideo Kojima releases teaser for his next game and ignites the hype

Hideo Kojima releases teaser for his next game and ignites the hype

It has long been rumored that Hideo kojima works on various projects, which up to now have been a mystery at all.

It was now that the creative Japanese video game designer has raised the hype of his fans, because this morning he published an image on social networks that many consider the first teaser of his next game.

Said creative, he knows that the players are aware of his movements, so he decided to surprise them that without a doubt he achieved his goal, since he used his account Tweetr to reaffirm once again that he has a new game on his hands and hinted at a possible reveal.

Obviously with this, his fans reacted almost automatically and in different ways, as there are very excited players and others who once again dedicated themselves to creating theories about Kojima and Abandoned.

With this image published by the creative, where you can see only one thing: a blue folder on a pink backgroundIt is apparently a photograph of your computer desktop.

But what really started the stir, was that by paying a little more attention and reading the name of said folder (which is in Japanese).

After mobilizing doing all kinds of searches, through the cooperation of several of his fans, it was verified that said folder is called “New project”. So some followers of Kojima they were excited by what is coming and at the possibility of an imminent announcement.

There are players who believe that the folder could have files related to a possible sequel to Death stranding, and there were even people who related their color to Blue box, the study by AbandonedThere are also some players who asked for a Policenauts sequel.

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Anyway, Kojima, Intelligently, he did not reveal anything more about it, but this undoubtedly raised the hype of many of his followers on twitter, who asked him to give more information about it and the release of a trailer. However, the developer was silent.

So far, no specific information has been released on this new project of Kojima. It is only known that he was previously confirmed to be working on a AAA title that everyone will supposedly want to play, but there are no clues to reveal what kind of title it is.