Hideo Kojima claims to have two games in development, one of them “new and challenging”

Hideo Kojima claims to have two games in development, one of them “new and challenging”

The Japanese Magazine Famitsu has published his year-end column in which he interviews video game developers. The creator of the Metal Gear saga, Hideo Kojima, has mentioned that his study Kojima Productions is working on two new games And, although he has not gone into details if one of them is Death Strading 2, he has offered some small details of these mysterious projects.

Like every year, Famitsu wanted to end the year by interviewing game creators from all over Japan to talk about their future projects. In the chaos of Kojima, he mentioned that one title you prepare is “great” while the other is “new and challenging”. It is worth mentioning that the manager specifically used the term “new” to describe the second title “challenging”, possibly wanting to clarify that it is a new IP.

Kojima Productions recently expanded

Kojima has also recalled that he wants to take another step towards the entertainment industry next year. Recently, Kojima Productions launched a new business division located in Los Angeles, California, where it is intended to explore entertainment opportunities beyond video games, including film, television and music. “The team aims to expand the reach and knowledge of the properties that are now being developed to make them even more part of our popular culture.“It was mentioned in its day, which implied that Death Stranding could be expanded with a movie or television series, or that a new game is presented that expands beyond that on the console

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Of course, it is a mystery to know what projects Hideo Kojima is working on. The sequel to Death Strading, the return of Silent Hill and an exclusive project for Xbox are the possibilities that sound the most daily, although of course nothing is leaking safely and We will have to wait until 2022 to find out if we will finally have doubts about which will be the second Kojima Productions video game.

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