Although at the moment it seems that the adventures of Woody and company have come to an end, Pixar is not yet ready to leave this world. To the surprise of many, the following work of this study in the world of Toy story It will not feature toys, but a film is currently in development that will explain the origins of Buzz Lightyear, not the action figure, but the fictional character that inspired this product, and His first teaser trailer was released today.

Unexpectedly, Pixar released the first preview of Lightyear, tape that will tell the adventures of an astronaut, which inspired the creation of the toy that we all already know. Thus, the trailer promises us a space adventure with the animation quality that characterizes this studio.

Similarly, the official poster of this film has been shared:


Lightyear It will hit theaters exclusively on June 17, 2022. On this occasion, Tim Allen will not be in charge of giving the voice to this character, but Chris Evans, famous for playing Captain America, will be responsible for bringing this astronaut to life.

In related topics, here you can see the first trailer of the live action series of Cowboy bebop. Similarly, Idris Elba talks about his version of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


Editor’s Note:

The idea of ​​making a movie about a fictional character that inspired the creation of a fictional toy, which eventually became real, is quite an interesting concept. Similarly, the first look at this film looks quite promising. Pixar almost never fails, and it seems that Lightyear it will be another success.

Via: Pixar

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Here's the first look at Lightyear!

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