Here is the preview of the new chapter of Spy x Family

Here is the preview of the new chapter of Spy x Family

For the past few weeks, the anime scene has been dominated by Spy x Family. The adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s work has been so well received that everyone is looking forward to the new episodes. To ease this despair a bit, new footage from chapter eight was recently released.

After finally getting Anya to attend the school she’s supposed to, Loid and the Forger family face a new challenge. Is about Yuri Briar, Yor’s brother, and who works as one of the members of the Ostanian secret police. In this way, the presence of this character puts Twilight’s mission at total risk.

However, Yuri’s unconditional love for her sister occasionally clouds her judgment, but Loid can’t let her guard down. Every week there is a new episode of Spy x Family. Although there are not many details at the moment, it is likely that the first season will catch up with the events that are currently in the manga.

On related topics, this is how the previous chapter of the anime was celebrated. Similarly, Twilight’s sad past has been revealed.


Editor’s note:

The excitement for this anime is justified. The story presented here is top notch, highly entertaining, and has a heart that many anime and manga have. I can’t wait to see how future story arcs pan out.

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