It’s time for the Forbes 30 Promises! During the pandemic, more than a million companies, especially small ones, permanently lowered the curtain, according to INEGI data; However, entrepreneurs continue to be the engine that generates seven out of every 10 jobs in the country.

The 30th Forbes Business Promises 2022 edition will recognize companies that have shown resilience and are ready to take advantage of an increasingly mobile recovery environment.

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Our call is open for three categories: traditional businesses, which involves all the exchange of products and services in a traditional way (shops, restaurants, manufacturing).

The second category is technology companies, focused on the development of technology and digital services, we want to find the main players in the digital economy.

We also look for social companies that are dedicated to solving specific problems to improve the reality of a community or social group.

In all cases, the companies nominated must be Mexican companies (they can be founded by foreigners but the company must have its origin in Mexico), they must have less than 10 years of operation and bill (at least) five million pesos per year.

Newly created companies (less than 2 years old) that may not have a high base and turnover, but have the recognition of consolidated institutions, have won entrepreneurship or sustainability competitions or have patents or technological developments, are also welcome, but will have with strict selection criteria to verify the veracity of your data and projections.


Applications will be reviewed by a group of mentors. To make the selection of the companies that will participate in the list of 30 Business Promises in our February 2022 edition.

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Registration closes on November 26. Follow the news related to the special through our social networks with the hashtag # Las30deForbes.