Henry of England threatens to take the British government to court

Henry of England threatens to take the British government to court

01/17/2022 at 12:16


Laura Stretched

Follow the tug-of-war between the prince henry and his family and the British Government. Since the little son of Charles Y Diana and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided abandon their royal duties and settle in the United States a was started battle with the queen Isabel II which was further aggravated by the controversial interview that dukes of sussex Oprah Winfrey was awarded, in which, among other things, they released that someone in Buckingham asked about the skin color that their son Archie would have before his birth. Since then, Enrique’s relationship with his family has been deteriorating, and recent events will not help build bridges. And it is that, the British press reports that Henry threatens to take the British government to court, who made the decision not to pay for the police security of the prince and his family when they were in the country.

Actually, it was the queen who ordered to remove the security equipment when the dukes decided to move away from the royal house and settle in Los Angeles. He considered that citizens would not understand that this service was still being paid with public money to non-active members of the crown who did not even live on British soil. So, Enrique requested the possibility of paying out of pocket for this protection that would guarantee security for him and his family when they visited their country of origin. After the refusal of the Ministry of the Interior before this proposal, the prince could take legal action against the Government. For now, he has sent a notice, in the form of a letter to the Minister of the Interior: a ‘protocol prior to action’, in which he requests that he be assigned a protection team.

Without protection they will not return

After ‘The Mail on Sunday’ published the news of this new legal battle in the royal family, a representative of the prince has issued a statement clarifying the situation. According to him, the objective of the Duke of Sussex is “ensure your safety and that of your family while you are in the United Kingdom so that their children can learn about their country of origin” (Lilibet, the youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, seven months old, has not yet traveled to the United Kingdom to meet her family). Without this protection, he says, they cannot return home. The prince has had a american private bodyguard team since 2020, but their legal representatives point out that this team has no foreign jurisdiction or access to intelligence information of the United Kingdom, necessary to keep them safe.

And in the writing they cite a incident occurred in July 2021 in which, they claim, your security was compromised. It was when Harry traveled to unveil the statue of his late mother, Princess Diana. During the visit, his security was “compromised by the absence of police protection” when he left the event. As published by ‘The Guardian’, his car was chased by paparazzi.

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“With the lack of police protection, a personal risk too great. Prince Harry hopes that his request, after almost two years of pleas for security in the UK, resolve this situation,” the statement added.

On the same note, it is emphasized that Enrique is willing to cover the cost of this protection police instead of charging it to the taxpayer, although he also remembers that other royals who have distanced themselves from the crown continue to rely on this service because “have an inherent threat risk“, so they “receive protection at no cost to them”.

More headaches for Elizabeth II

After having to dispossess, last week, the prince andrew of military honors and sponsorships for being prosecuted in the United States in a case of sexual abuse to minors related to the tycoon and pederast Jeffrey Epstein, this case is a new headache for Elizabeth II, since Enrique’s plans would suppose first time a member of the royal family has brought a case against Her Majesty’s Government.