Henry Cavill asks not to be thrown coins in the street

Henry Cavill asks not to be thrown coins in the street

The witcher with his second season, which a few days ago was released through the Netflix streaming platform and which allowed us to continue enjoying the gallant’s adventures Geralt of Rivia, the most coveted sorcerer of the moment.

Given the great popularity of the series, which has made it possibly in one of the best adaptations best made from a video game to a television series, already has a huge fan base.

This situation is well known to the actor, who at all times seeks to share his taste for the video game industry.

However, there are also times where he is direct and clear with his followers about the things that he would not like to happen. A good example of this is what he stated in a recent interview with BBC Radio.

Around this, the actor interpreter of said character, the acclaimed Henry Cavill, during an interview he offered made a comment that caught everyone’s attention, the actor, asked his fans to please do not throw coins at him if they see him on the street.

And it is that all this, began when in the first season of the series, the famous bard Dandelion wrote a song to help Geralt get people to like him, so he was born Toss a Coin to Your Witcher, subject that was a resounding success and that invited to throw coins at him as payment for his services.

At the time it was quite helpful and even popular, but during that interview some messages from the community were read and one of them said “I feel sorry for Henry Cavill. For the rest of his life, wherever he goes, people will throw coins at him. “, a situation that the actor responded seriously.

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“No one yet (has thrown coins at me), I mean, they haven’t. I’m taking care of space. Also, don’t throw anything at me. I’ll throw it back.”said the actor when asked if it had already happened to him.

So under this caveat, we think you better refrain from doing so, as although it might sound funny, the actor doesn’t seem to like this idea at all.

Let’s also remember that The third season of The Witcher is already confirmed on Netflix, and even the actor himself has mentioned that he would love to do many more, while maintaining the quality of the series.