Hello Auto and Motor.es present tailored insurance for your car

Hello Auto and Motor.es present tailored insurance for your car

The first custom car insurance from 9.99 euros per month is now a reality thanks to our association with the leading insurer in the digital sector. Whether you drive regularly or only occasionally, this is your insurance.

Hello Auto and Motor.es present customized car insurance with an unbeatable starting price: only from 9.99 euros per month. This is the car insurance revolution in an era in which access to all services quickly, easily and efficiently is essential.

Hand in hand with Hello Auto, we bring you insurance that fully adapts to your needs and customs, since not all drivers need the same thing or use the car with the same frequency.

Hello Auto Smart and Hello Auto Flex

For this reason, as a result of the association between Hello Auto and Motor.es, we offer you two types of insurance that will fully cover your needs. All thanks to the most digital insurance, which in addition to allowing you to save, it offers you more security.

Access your car insurance with Hello Auto and Motor.es

You drive well, pay less

With Hello Auto Smart You can save up to 50% on your car insurance every year. We are talking about an insurance in which, from the second year, you will have a tailored price and you will obtain benefits thanks to Hello Auto Connect.

East free device with your insurancehas various functions that allow you to analyze your driving, which can later result in a reduction in the price of your insurance.

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Hello Auto Connect gives you multiple informational and safety features.

Hello Auto Connect you enjoy the following services:

  1. Recording and analysis of your paths and routes.
  2. parking modethat is, activation of the camera when it detects any movement in the parked car (available soon).
  3. eCall-mode: When the device detects an accident, it will automatically call 112. You can also use eCall manually for other types of emergencies.
  4. Radar Warning.
  5. speed assistant: indicates at all times the maximum allowed speed of the road you are on and the speed at which you are driving.

Besides, you can connect Hello Auto Connect to your mobile device, keeping your vehicle permanently located in real time. In the same way, you will be able to know the estimated state of the car’s components to effectively manage its maintenance.

Hello Auto and Motor.es present tailored insurance for your car

Learn more about car insurance from Hello Auto and Motor.es.

You drive little, pay little

For drivers who use their vehicle occasionally, Hello Auto Flex It is ideal because the price of car insurance is adapted to the use of the car.

So with Hello Auto Flex you will not pay for what you do not use, but it will be you who decide how much you want to save. In addition, with this type of insurance you will also enjoy the most advanced driving assistant: Hello Auto Connect.

With Hello Auto and Motor.es saving with your car insurance is very easy: Do you drive well? Pay less! Do you drive little? Pay little!