What would an electric scooter designed for competition be like? Helbiz Racing has created its own, the S1-X.

How has the electric scooter industry grown in such a short time? Just a decade ago, the technology incorporated in the options available at the time barely prompted their purchase. In the last 5 years, however, the commitment to this curious means of transport has exploded. In urban areas, its use of has increased exponentially. This has undoubtedly contributed to being a personal option in the midst of a pandemic.

With the rise of electricity proposals in the sector, it was to be expected that, sooner or later, we would see a more efficient alternative. It is true that some current models are capable of having differential maximum speeds. Some of them, in fact, may be subject to modifications to increase performance. Today we want to show you what an alternative specially designed for the world of competition is like.

Yes, there is already a recognized championship for electric scooters. In fact, there are already several teams struggling to create the most performing model in terms of performance. Helbiz Racing is one of them and the S1-X model has become one of the sensations present in the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA 2021). One of the units that will compete in the eSkootr Championship has been exhibited there. It is, therefore, a differential moment to understand how these races will work.

What are the characteristics that should reward in such a proposal? Taking this concept into account, it seems logical to understand that weight control or aerodynamics, they can have a very marked role. However, the truth is that they are not the only 2 requirements that have been taken into account when creating this type of alternative means of transport. Its differentiation begins from the moment it is turned on.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main qualities of the technology that this scooter includes, why it is a unique product in the market and, of course, to what extent it can offer a differential performance compared to the rest of the models present in the industry. And you, would you dare to drive one?

A maximum speed limited to 100 km / h as a starting point

The maximum speed of this scooter it is around 100 km / h. It is a very interesting option from a dynamic point of view, but the truth is that this is possible due to the technology it incorporates. As can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, this record is achieved, among other causes, thanks to the incorporation of slick-type tires specially designed to grip the asphalt at high speeds.

Helbiz Racing is a team that has created this competition electric scooter. Electrek

In addition, it draws attention the all-wheel drive arrangement. This is so thanks to the inclusion of 2 motors, one located on each of the axes. In this way, transferring the power to the asphalt is much easier. The power of each of the units is 6,000 W, a proposal that can hardly be seen in a market with these characteristics. Even so, its main quality is its weight, since one of the main challenges is to maintain stability.

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Reaching 100 kph in a vehicle of these characteristics can be very dangerous. In fact, the vibrations are likely to make driving difficult to some extent. Helbiz Racing has thought about it and, therefore, has set the weight of this scooter in 35 kilograms. Only in this way could it be possible to guarantee a certain level of safety while traveling at speeds not very appropriate for this type of transport.

A distribution of weights and a battery size designed for competition

Among the qualities of its design, it is striking how its image has been taken care of in order to extract the maximum from its technology. In fact, it has been achieved set a weight without penalizing battery capacity, which is about 1.3 kWh. In this way, it is specially designed to have enough autonomy to complete a race of about 8 to 10 minutes. It is expected that the championship tests will not exceed these duration figures.

Helbiz S1-X, this is an electric scooter created to compete in the eSkootr championship

A competition scooter can offer heart-stopping performance. Electrek

Now, to what extent can it be efficient and, above all, entertaining to enjoy tests of such a short duration? The key to understanding this model lies in the length of the circuits. Each of them is expected to have measures between 400 and 1,000 meters. In this way, there will be certain points of overtaking that will extend throughout the race.

We will have to wait a while for to be able to enjoy this curious championship. Meanwhile, the makers of the models that will enjoy testing are already developing their own prototypes. Based on the first results, everything suggests that we will see important advances in the sector.

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