Healthy prepared food from Mercadona

Healthy prepared food from Mercadona

Saying goodbye to the frozen section, Mercadona has several styles of ready-to-eat food. In addition, they have recently introduced freshly made dishes in the internal kitchen. But are they all healthy?

cold prepared food

These prepared dishes are available in the cold section. In the same fridge we find all the ready-to-eat products.

Salmorejo and gazpacho

Salmorejo, gazpacho and ajoblanco are vegetable soups widely consumed in the south. Although they are more appealing during the hot months, Mercadona has these products available throughout the year.

However, not all of them are healthy. It is a good idea to read the nutrition label to understand which ones are worthwhile and provide high-quality nutrients. In this case, the recommended ones are:

  • Traditional Gazpacho (one liter or mini version)
  • smooth gazpacho
  • Fresh salmorejo (unpasteurized)
  • Fresh gazpacho (not pasteurized)


Salads are not a very healthy dish due to the presence of sauces (mayonnaise). However, at specific times it can get us out of trouble.

As with gazpachos and cold soups, not all salads are equally recommended. If we want to choose one that provides good nutrients, we will have to decide on the Russian salad of Hacendado. It is available in two different formats to adapt to the quantity we prefer.


Both the simple potato omelette and the one with onion are good ideas to eat when we run out of resources. In this case, the tortilla must be heated in the microwave or in the pan, so it is not a good option if we need to eat it immediately. It is also not recommended for people who eat alone, since the tortilla is quite large.

After all, it contains potato and egg, so the nutrients are as expected. It is a handy dish and quick to heat up. It can be accompanied by a can of fish or a fresh gazpacho.

Hummus and others

Although it has become popular as an appetizer, chickpea spreads can also be part of a healthy prepared meal. In addition, in this section we also find other different foods, such as tabbouleh and tsatsiki. Both completely healthy and satiating.

  • Hummus chickpea
  • oriental tabbouleh
  • Chickpea hummus with piquillo peppers
  • Tsatsiki
  • Chickpea hummus with black olives
  • guacamole
  • firm tofu

hot prepared food

In the case of having a microwave, there are some dishes ready to heat in a few minutes. Not all of them are healthy, but Mercadona does have great deals.

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Lovers of Italian food can take advantage of certain Mercadona dishes. Although apparently they should not be recommended due to their high caloric content, they may be suitable for certain diets. The ingredients in these prepared meals are healthy and much better than the pre-cooked, frozen versions.

  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • Spinach and cottage cheese lasagna
  • Macaroni Bolognese
  • Salmon and broccoli lasagna


This is one of the basic cereals of almost any diet. It may not take too long to prepare some rice, but buying it ready to eat is easier and faster. They usually also need a few minutes in the microwave. They are an ideal accompaniment to meat or fish. The healthiest versions of Mercadona are:

  • basmati cooked rice
  • brown cooked rice
  • cooked quinoa
  • Iberian secret rice with mushrooms


Mercadona’s prepared meat-based food is quite extensive. Many people opt for stuffed meat thinking that it is a healthy product. However, the ingredients used differ greatly from what is expected. Even so, in Mercadona we can find some cooked meats that are quite rich in protein and low in fat due to the way they are cooked.

  • Grilled chicken
  • Chopped Roast Chicken
  • duck leg

spoon dishes

Perhaps the spoon dishes are the ones that we like the most and the ones that we do the least due to the lack of time. Luckily, in Mercadona there is a wide variety of cans with the best stews and stews.

  • Lentils in the garden
  • Beans in the garden
  • spiced beans
  • Madrid stew
  • beans with tomato
  • Pickled partridge

prepared food market

Ready to eat

inside section Ready to eat Mercadona, we can find healthy prepared food at very affordable prices. The truth is that it is not available in all establishments, but it is expected that little by little they will be more and more throughout Spain. The letter amounts to 35 different dishes, all of them prepared at the moment.

Depending on the city, the dishes will be adapted to the gastronomy of the place. However, it is common to find common foods such as:

  • Russian salad
  • Gardener Meatballs
  • Fabada
  • Lentils
  • Lean pork with ratatouille
  • Mixed paella
  • Fideua
  • Grilled chicken
  • Stuffed Eggplant
  • Potato and courgette omelette
  • Potato and onion omelette
  • Cod meatballs
  • snacks
  • Chicken sandwich
  • salads to taste
  • Sushi
  • Pasta
  • Fabada
  • meats