We are likely to find a lot of literature on the benefits of exercising and being active. Above all, because it is undeniable that this practice helps to maintain a stable weight, reduces the risk of developing many diseases and shows incredible improvements on a mental level. However, healthy physical activity cannot be done at random and must be related to the individual’s needs and abilities.

In fact, we find that the World Health Organization, WHO, has been reassessing the concept of health, taking into account that it must be a state of physical, mental and social well-being, with the absence of diseases and infections. In addition, the idea has been adhered to, that this condition is achieved by being in harmony with the environment.1

In, but, nutritionists and athletes have added new labels to the meaning of healthy physical activity, accommodating cultural and dietary needs. But also to the health conditions, interests and emotions of each individual. In such a way, not only does skeletal contraction matter to increase caloric expenditure, but also the importance of taking care of the body in a comprehensive way without becoming a sacrifice is valued.

Healthy physical activity offers well-being

Thus, healthy physical activity is focused on promoting and caring for health according to the specific conditions of each individual. To do this, he emphasizes the need to measure the frequency, duration and intensity of the movement. Since, for example, walking in the middle of the daily routine is different from interacting in the recreation or sports activity space. Not only for the intention, but for the conditions of the terrain, the speed that is printed and the organic response.2

Also, before scheduling a workout routine; in a fitness center or independently; risks need to be assessed. Therefore, the family doctor and the nutritionist will establish an action plan, which includes not only cycles of repetitive movements of strength and elasticity, but will also make a food proposal to keep symptoms such as high blood pressure, increased blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.

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Above all, because according to age, pathophysiology and tastes, it is possible to generate alternatives for healthy physical activity, taking care of the heart, joints and improving the mood. It is here, where we find that options such as hydro aerobics bring good results for the body in a generalized way and it is a very pleasant activity for most people.2

Safety first

We understand that not all physical activity is healthy, since the intensity in a workout cannot be the same for someone who is in good physical condition, someone who is sedentary. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account both the health conditions, the goals that are being sought, the capacities, the equipment and the environment in which the individual moves.3

Hence, individualization, progression and continuity should be a guide in healthy physical activity. Above all, because doing a training program sporadically becomes useless to lose weight and improve health conditions. But, demanding greater intensity from the body also leads to musculoskeletal damage and serious diseases.


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