Healthy batch cooking menu, to cook more at home without involving more time and effort

Healthy batch cooking menu, to cook more at home without involving more time and effort

To improve the quality of our diet, cooking more at home is key. However, one of the main obstacles today is the lack of time to spend in the kitchen. Therefore, we approach a healthy batch cooking menuwhich can help us cook more without involving more time and effort.

Healthy batch cooking menu

Batch cooking is a method that allows solve all the meals of the week in just a couple of hours approaching in this way to homemade food without demanding more time and effort than necessary.

To achieve this, organization is required and it is proposed to maximize the use of resources, resorting to similar ingredients and cooking for all our dishes.

In this case, in addition to incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables, we went to the Integral rice and the quinoaas well as vegetables diverse to obtain quality hydrates, being able to use bottle alternatives if we wish.

While, as protein sources we use chicken breast, lean pork and fish several that can be canned if we seek greater diversity and practicality.

With these ingredients we make the following healthy batch cooking menu to cook more at home, even if we don’t have time:






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It is always advisable customize the menu to get the most out of it as well as, we can repeat preparations throughout the week in order to save even more time when cooking.

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The dishes to be consumed are recommended to be prior labeling or storage to favor an orderly consumption and its use in the short time, before they expire.

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