healthy and low-fat recipe, but perfect for Christmas

healthy and low-fat recipe, but perfect for Christmas

For the important dinners of these Holidays that are coming we do not have to serve sophisticated or more expensive meats since if we prepare a simple rabbit with a different sauce and garnish as with dehydrated fruit or, in this case, nuts, we have a different and high-class recipe for a medium price.

I also find this sauce suitable for game, and although I always prepare them the same way, I would not mind at all trying with this rich sauce.

This dish freezes perfectly, so you can cook it in advance to have it ready at the right time.

Cut the rabbit into pieces and season. Heat a little olive oil in a low saucepan and brown the rabbit on both sides, remove it and brown the chopped garlic and bread in that same oil. When they start to brown, put the rabbit back in, mix and add the walnuts and the wine. We let the wine evaporate and pour the broth or water until it is almost covered. Let’s salt.

We cover the casserole and cook over low heat for about 45 minutes until the rabbit is tender. We can pass the sauce through the mill if we don’t like to find chips. In this case, we set aside some walnuts, pass the rest and let it reduce for a few minutes if necessary. We serve the rabbit piping hot with a bed of sauce and some nuts.

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With what to accompany the rabbit in walnut sauce

If you like the rabbit you have to try it with this delicious walnut sauce. Nuts always go well with all kinds of meats and speaking of this white meat, which for my taste is somewhat insipid, because it gives the sauce a flavor that makes it irresistible. It is still much richer if we prepare them the day before and let the whole set rest a day before serving it.

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