Remove the outermost leaves of the endives if they are damaged, ugly or loose, and cut slightly the thickest part of the base of the trunk. Wash them gently and cut them in half, being careful not to separate the leaves.

Brush a frying pan or non-stick griddle with oil, heat and brown the endives upside down on medium-high power, pressing them lightly at the beginning so that they brown well. Cook like this until they caramelize, about 5-8 minutes.

Now place face up on a large plate or source and heat in the microwave, at full power, 5 minutes. Test the point and cook for another 2-5 minutes depending on its size or how we like them tender.

Meanwhile, prepare the yogurt sauce by beating it with the finely chopped parsley, the juice of half a lime and its zest, and other seasonings to taste. testing and rectifying. Serve the endives hot or cold with the sauce, chopped nuts, and more parsley or another herb.