Four products that can be purchased in supermarkets, although two of them only in Andalusia, have been withdrawn from the market because incomplete labeling hides dangerous ingredients for allergy sufferers.

In recent years there have been an increase in people with allergies or intolerant to certain foods.

For these people food labeling it is vital, because if they ingest an ingredient that their body rejects, they can suffer severe allergic reactions, which may even require hospitalization.

As reported Business Insider, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), dependent on the Ministry of Health, has recalled four consumer products this week, for incorrect labeling: do not indicate the presence of certain allergens that can affect allergy sufferers.

Do you think that a gluten-free food is healthier? Are free-range chickens really loose? These are some mistakes we make when reading labels.

These foods do not present problems for people who do not suffer intolerances, they can consume them without problems.

But they are a danger for those allergic to certain ingredients that we are going to show.

Wafers of various brands

The wafers of the brands ESPIGA BLANCA, LA ROSITA and BERTIZ that do not carry on their label the warning “may contain traces of nuts“, actually they carry traces of almonds.

They have been recalled to change the labeling. People intolerant to almonds should not consume them.

These wafers are sold throughout Spain under the name of Boer vanilla flavor.

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Halal Chicken Shawarma

The chicken shawarma from the Halal Madrid brand has retired because contains mustard, but it is not indicated on the label.

There are people allergic to mustard who could have problems.

This product has been mainly sold in Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha and Valencia, but it is available throughout Spain.

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Jumbo Spelled Crackers

The Dutch brand Jumbo sells some spelled crackers that are distributed only in Andalusia.

The name that appears on the label is Stevige crackers spelt.

The problem is that the lot number 211005 contains sesame, again not indicated on the label. It is an allergen that can affect people intolerant to this plant.

Jumbo Orange Cookies

The same brand also sells some orange cookies that have milk traces, but it is not indicated on the label.

Lactose intolerant people should not consume them.

Called Oranjekoeken, and they are only sold in Andalusia.

To be up to date with all food alerts produced in Spain, it is worth taking a look from time to time at the AESAN Food Alert Network.