On this occasion, we had the opportunity to speak with Denisse Gallegos, Head of Strategy at HEALTH by ifahto digital. An agency specialized in digital marketing that has more than 10 years of experience putting value propositions based on data on the table of clients and that now opens its HEALTH business unit.

But what is your mission?

Strategizing for the healthcare industry can be challenging, however, the mission of HEALTH by ifahto digital is, as Denisse Gallegos told us. Not only be experts in digital but dedicate efforts to understand and detect where the health industry is going (from health specialists and brands to patients). As well as creating innovation in solutions that allow us to add real value for our clients.

On the other hand, based on various methodologies, the agency intends to strengthen the acceleration that exists in Mexico in this industry that today needs to be heard.

HEALTH by ifahto can work with clients such as pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, hospitals, health professionals or with brands that have within their needs to perform actions based on the patient.Ifahto digital, has managed to separate itself from other agencies due to the strategic vision that the team has. Where they know that data is what “nourishes” them and complements them to trace round paths supported by technology that adapts to today’s user.

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What makes the difference about the agency is its genuine commitment.

Apart from the above, what makes the difference of the agency is its real, and anticipated commitment to understand and specialize in the industry.

“It is very easy to say, now we make strategies for health. But it is not easy to understand that everything changes when you make a strategy for a cola, than for a drug that can save a life ”, Denisse tells us.

In this sense, one of the things the agency team focused on the most was taking courses, diplomas, talking to doctors. In addition to constantly reading data on the Mexican and his concerns about his health and even managing to mold conversion funnels. Branding, user journeys that are totally different from other industries.

The agency is committed to following the patient to really achieve success stories with its clients

“To make a strategy in Health, we had to change the chip, understand that even within the user’s journey there are steps that do not depend on the agency. That the agency is involved in other links, that the KPIs cannot be the same and even that the “funnels”. With whom we have worked 10 years ago, in this industry they must change radically ”.

In other words, in the words of Denisse Gallegos, the agency is committed to following the patient to really achieve success stories with its clients.

Finally, we talked about how the “funnel” develops both for the user or consumer of health services, as well as for pharmaceutical products. Which, is done in a close way, to the point of becoming more an ally than a momentary tool.

Rather than being a one-size-fits-all solution, clients receive a tailored, detailed healthcare marketing plan that is more effective. Thus offering a much more direct experience that can materialize outstanding results.

In fact, the HEALTH team found that more than 30% of medical consultations begin to come from social media efforts. For the same reason, momentum is perfect for the agency to raise its hand and seek to add its expertise in the challenges that clients face every day.

Example of a user’s journey in the purchase of medicines:

HEALTH by ifahto digital; an agency committed to the industry

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