Health apps increase their downloads by 260% in Mexico

Health apps increase their downloads by 260% in Mexico

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate and also the way we live on a day-to-day basis. Currently, there are apps for almost all tastes and needs and there are many different types of mobile applications that exist for all types of audiences. According to the report “The Coronavirus on Apps Installs and Marketing Budget”, carried out by the global firm specialized in mobile attribution, AppsFlyer, the high increase in downloads in health apps has been determined.

Specifically, this study has revealed that in Mexico, health and fitness apps registered a growth of 260% in non-organic installations (that is, those that are made through advertising), which represents an increase of 92%. on your income between March 10 and March 23, 2020.

Productivity apps have also seen their downloads increase

In addition to this category of apps that has increased its number of downloads the most, it can be noted that casual games also increased their download percentage by 59%; Midcore 67% and Hardcore 40%.

Productivity apps, developed primarily by Manzana, Google or Microsoft, have also seen their number of downloads increase. Specifically, as a result of the pandemic they grew by 215% in non-organic daily installations between March 7 and 12. For its part, the organic installations of this type of mobile applications began to show a positive trend on March 15 and increased close to 240% by March 20.

Globally, on the other hand, the app categories that saw a massive increase in non-organic installs in recent weeks were Education (66%), Media Streaming (90%), Health & Fitness (78%), Midcore Games (52%), Hardcore Games (28%) and Social Casino (40%). Likewise, an increase in application revenue was reported, particularly in Media Streaming, with more than 162%, Music (65%), Health & Fitness (49%) and Shopping (10%).

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The report “The Coronavirus on App Install and Marketing Budget” aims to empower app marketers and the market with global information and in affected areas such as China, South Korea, Italy, Germany and Spain. In addition, the report presents initial data from the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

14 countries (including Mexico) have been included in this study

The sample chosen for the study included 14 countries, 2 billion organic installs, 1.2 million non-organic installs (NOI, which are those that are made through ads) and 520 billion sessions ( when an app is opened).

Guilherme Basani, Regional Director for Mexico and Central America of AppsFlyer, “we all hope that this health crisis ends soon. In the meantime, we hope that this information, and that of reports such as the Performance Index X, will help marketers make wiser decisions in their strategies and budgets. Along with the many challenges presented by the pandemic, there could be huge opportunities for apps across a number of verticals, as consumers explore using their mobile phones and apps differently to adapt to a new reality.”

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