A man was sentenced to death in North Korea for introducing the Netflix series The Squid Game to the country, in addition, there are more involved; we tell you this outrageous story from real life.

North Korean authorities ordered the shooting of the man who brought The Squid Game to that country, as published by the local Radio Free Asia; and they will also impose heavy penalties on the rest of the people involved.

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Turns out that The Squid Game it’s banned in North Korea and the man sentenced to death passed several copies of the production of Netflix, allegedly carried on a USB memory, which is considered a smuggling crime.

Radio Free Asia reported that the convicted man smuggled The Squid Game from China and sold copies in North Korea. The authorities of that country also seven high school students were arrested for buying and watching the South Korean series.

Those accused of buying the series were sentenced to life imprisonment and those who only saw it will perform forced labor for 5 years.

Also, as if the above were not already an excess, teachers and school administrators of the detained students were fired and they could be banished.

He travels to North Korea with 'The Squid Game' and is sentenced to death

According to information from the North Korean broadcaster, the death sentence will be carried out by a firing squad, but we do not know if this has already been carried out or when it will be applied.

Some media in India, they pointed out that the man had already been executed for smuggling the series The Squid Game, but such information is not official, has not been confirmed or published by the North Korean authorities.

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