He points out Rappi’s faults after clarifying the complaint; “I’m not saying they haven’t solved me”

He points out Rappi’s faults after clarifying the complaint;  “I’m not saying they haven’t solved me”

Within social networks it is common for users to point out all those concerns that arise in their daily lives, a recurring theme within digital platforms are complaints related to brands and modes of consumption, since those involved resort to strong pressure that can be generated by the active community in networks to solve conflicts, likewise Internet users point out that the intention of communicating these situations on networks is to prevent or alert about aspects that could affect other consumers, although it should be noted that it is the same through these platforms that good publicity is generated and consumer brands and models are recommended, an example of this is the tweet made which points out Rappi’s failures after clarifying the complaint.

It is thanks to comments such as the post within the social network Twitter that certain situations are made visible that help consumers prevent and improve their consumption patterns, in addition to allowing brands to obtain feedback to a certain degree with which to improve their processes. , in addition to clearly allowing the exposed situations to be followed up.

User points out Rappi failures after clarifying complaint

Within the convection generated in networks, it can be seen how, despite the fact that Rappi resolved the consumer’s complaint in a timely manner, the opposition provided was not entirely beneficial. The affected person with the username @aldovar16 points out the following in his first complaint: “While @RappiMexico, I know he spends his time canceling orders, making deliveries that are not delivered, and above all wasting my time, @DiDi_Mexico arrive faster and I have never had problems with themI think they should improve their service a lot!”.

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Faced with this first complaint, it is possible to observe how Rappi responded in a timely manner within the conversation, informing that the conflict had been followed up, attended to and resolved, a comment for which the affected party stated: “I did not say that they have not solved me, I am simply expressing my annoyance that I am waiting for food, supermarkets, among other things, and just before the delivery time they cancel me, they make a refund and that’s it, and what I ordered????? My wasted time?

It is within this second comment that the feeling of complaint is expressed by the affected user, who points out that it is not enough to provide a solution, since this type of error has a negative impact on the perception of the brand and generates more conflicts. that only a bad shopping experience, it is worth mentioning that so far Rappi has not officially made a statement about what was exposed on social networks, what is known is that, after this comment, the brand spoke in the conversation declaring the following:Aldo, you are absolutely right. Believe us that we understand your annoyance and we know that apologizing is not enough. But rest assured that we will do everything possible to avoid a repetition of this type of news. With all pleasure on this occasion Jessica assisted you”.

Rappi is one of the platforms that has had the most growth within the preference of national consumers, it is estimated that the food and consumables delivery platform through an application has just over 23,754 active accounts, which positions it as one of the favorites in the segment only below companies such as Uber and DIDI.

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