He congratulates Oxxo for allowing street dogs to sleep in their stores

He congratulates Oxxo for allowing street dogs to sleep in their stores

Many consumers use their social networks to demonstrate their loyalty to a brand they consume to provide them with excellent service. This is the case of an Oxxo consumer who took advantage of his posts on Twitter to congratulate the brand for allowing street dogs to rest in its facilities.

The loyalty that a consumer shows to a brand can show the best image of a company before the rest of the market.

Given this, a study called “Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2011” and was carried out by Forbes magazine, showed that the brands that enjoy greater loyalty are those that have a real influence on people’s daily lives. That is why many of them, in the world of commerce, strive to earn the loyalty of their customers. with promotions, products or campaigns that help them engage more customers every day.

Specialists point out that when we talk about brand fidelity or brand loyalty we can define it from the marketing point of view, as the repeated purchase of a product or service as a result of the perceived value, trust and the bond generated between customer and company, but with the arrival of social networks, the exposure of consumers in their publications where they mention a brand in a good way is also part of it.

Congratulations to Oxxo for a nice action with street dogs

Through his account on the social network Twitter, an Internet user identified as @Fer_Ortega25
He shared his happiness for the action they carry out in an Oxxo branch, where they allow street dogs to sleep in their stores to cover them from the sun and heat of this season.

Likewise, in a second comment, he also thanked the employees of this branch “for their empathy, for their generosity, kindness, humanity, compassion, mercy and clemency towards these puppies, who also have the right to have a dignified life free of suffering ”.

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Given this action that was shared on Twitter, the digital world commented on the tweet and also joined in thanking Oxxo for the good deed.

“There are many people who will commit to buying only in the Oxxo, if you continue to be human and empathic with the tenderloins, resting in a cool place, a little water and a little food would not hurt you, remember that all the good that is done always comes back,” reads one of the tweets.

“Empathy comes from the employee. The one we should thank is the workers who do do something for the animals”, explains another consumer of the firm.

“Thank you employees and PLEASE don’t fire them. What they do will return to the store in a good way in sales. I hope someone can adopt them, they are beautiful, excellent company for hypertensives and help reduce pressure and anxiety, ”says another comment.

These types of actions have been spread on social networks where other brands also support pet care, for example a butcher shop that won the heart of the digital pulse with this “advertising strategy” where it promotes a nice action for dogs.

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